So, ICYMI, I have been permanently suspended from Twitter for saying a very minor bad word at a racist. If you are still on the bird site and have not already done so, could you please share this link this morning so friends know how to find me? Thank you.


@some_qualia Cripes, I must've been thrown into the Twitter Twelve-Hour Time-Out Corner at least 4 times this past year for saying bad words to celebrities or blue checkmarks.

I've been asked at least a dozen times to prove I wasn't a bot this year.

Then, there was THIS horseshit...

@flugennock Yeah, I got that twice before and then not for almost 6 months, then a quick one the month before, then this.

@flugennock @some_qualia

Mike I shoulda' known you were one of THEM all along. Gimme' back my hedge trimmers!!

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