@Gargron @darius

That's as may be, but usernames with big strings of numerals at the end are still pretty much a sure sign of a troll/bot/other fake account, and I nuke 'em from orbit accordingly.

Why take chances?
WHOOMP, problem solved.

@flugennock Okay but... they're really not? That's what I try to show in my article. They are a sure sign of someone who is not very social media savvy being led astray by Twitter's weird/bad UI choices. It's not their fault.


I understand that; I've read it.

The sad reality these days, however, is that a bunch of numerals in the username is one of many signs of a bot/troll/fake account. Along with that and other criteria, I also take a look at their feed, just to make sure.

I haven't gone wrong yet.
Better safe than sorry.

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