To read later but here's a quote from the piece that sums up the NCRI

"the NCRI are basically tracking people and ideas and then giving that information to “the cops.” You’ll note, of course, that what qualifies as extremism, manipulation, hate, and deception are not defined."

Last fall the NCRI published a report entitled: Network-Enabled Anarchy: How Militant Anarcho-Socialist Networks Use Social Media to Instigate Widespread Violence Against Political Opponents and Law Enforcement.

So yeah me & my friends are extremists

@franklinlopez just to point this out, so-called antifascist Alexander Reid Ross works directly with Contagion alongside DHS, homeland security, DHS, and CIA.

Proof :

@GenericMediaReference yep yep that was the thrust of this mini-toot storm. Hoping some solid pieces by anti-fascists about the (obvious) and not so obvious problems with this come out soon. Such a bad precedent. Not to put you on the spot, but would love to hear what you think @tom_nomad

@franklinlopez @GenericMediaReference
Sorry for the late reply, lots going on. I have a lot of thoughts about this, and would refer people to a piece I wrote about a similar situation in the UK with a professor named John Drury. It can be found here:

There are some important nuances here that have been lost in the debate though, that become relevant in how we approach this scenario

@franklinlopez @GenericMediaReference
Firstly, let me say that the scope of these comments do not include conceptual critiques of Ross's work; I have plenty of those, and am working on a piece with a friend outlining some of those issues. The article linked at the beginning of this thread lays out a lot of similar criticisms.

There are clear positional issues with this. But, we have to be specific about what we are problematizing and how.

@franklinlopez @GenericMediaReference
The claim in some pieces is that the Network Contagion Institute has people from CIA, DHS, etc working there; that is false. The people that work there are FORMER members of intelligence agencies and academics, but they are not current members of intel branches. This positions the work of the NCI completely within academia, and specifically within a form of academia that has inherent relations to the State; in this case Ross is a geography professor.

@tom_nomad @GenericMediaReference appreciate your clear headed approach and wholeheartedly agree with the slippery slope of academia. Also true that as far as we know there are no current state employees at the institute and that people should be precise when making their critiques That said there is a revolving door for intel operatives that takes them from state gigs and private gigs fairly fluidly so the lines are blurry and their political allegiances are definitely not with us.

@tom_nomad last things I'll say for now are that it's too bad that this was outed by the Grey Zone and not handled by our peeps. After all ARR has been public in his involvement with NCI for some time. The Grey Zone article was a poorly written sensationalist hit piece, but the bits of truth in there are undeniable.


@franklinlopez @tom_nomad
I posted the Gray Zone link because I thought I'd bookmarked the @AnarchoNinaWrites piece on Ross, but couldn't find the goddamn thing.

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@flugennock @franklinlopez @AnarchoNinaWrites

If a link if found for the piece, please let me know. I have been doing a good amount of research in preparation for the piece about the issues with his conceptual frameworks, and how that has damaged anti-fascism. A good summation of that critique (which I am largely in agreement with) can be found here:

@tom_nomad @franklinlopez @AnarchoNinaWrites Thanks a bunch for this! This is the other link on Ross I thought I'd saved but hadn't.

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