BREAKING: via Birdland:
Trump "Unity Bridge" Crashes Into Telephone Pole in Flint, Michigan

Hey there, Glenster.
Just dIgging your new chick.

You make an adorable couple.

Got yer shots yet?

Heads up, tooters:
In case you haven't noticed, Glenn Greenwald is on here now... and he's also apparently begun ideologically shacking up with Bari Weiss. What an adorable couple.

I've already pre-emptively blocked the sonofabitch, and you should, too:

Sorry to be a bit late posting my

Latest'n'Greatest (09.15):
"Met Gala"

It's a story as old as time — or at least as old as the Democratic Party...

"Second Line"

Basically, they're getting two hurricanes in Louisiana, and the second is a man-made one.

"Happy Trails"

Is it just me, or has The Atlantic become our one-stop shop for tone-deaf shit takes? My current favorite clunker concerns the fascist abortion law in Texas, and its potential to turn out the vote for the Democrats...

Cripes, man... after all this time, I'm finally getting the layout of this goddamn thing.

So, it's basically a freakin' PLATFORM, then. I don't know why that didn't make sense visually before.

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They're tuning up the Fidel Memorial Electromagnetic Cortex-Scrambling Pulse Weapon even now.

I think SpaceX has ALREADY hit the tipping point with that goddamn thing, if you get my drift...

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Whooaaaaa, Nellie, THAT ain't good. I've seen good before, and that ain't it...

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"Stealing Our Souls"

You know how back in the 1970s and '80s you'd read every so often about some National Geographic documentary crew going deep into the Amazon jungle or someplace and encountering some tribe that's lived in isolation for a thousand years...

Ooohhhh, Jeezus H. Bicycle-Riding Fuck. Sheer fuckin' POETRY, man. Pure goddamn gold. In yer face muthafuckas, IN YER FACE.

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"First prize is a new BMW. Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired."
—Joe Biden

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Latest'n'Greatest: "Afghan Women's Liberation no. 2 (or, Won't Somebody Think Of The Women?)"

When the US first set out inflicting two decades of destruction and misery on Afghanistan the Liberals, true to the old Phil Ochs song, were never more red, white and blue...

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