I probably should have recreated my masto account on gamedev.place

Oh... whoops. It's midnight. Too busy coding so now I guess I better have a midnight shower.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on SDL2 positional sound using player rotation vs sound source location? I seem to have broken my brain tonight and can't rub two unsafe {} together to make a sqrt.

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Bingo: "We won't win people over by default, and we will make plenty of mistakes along the way. But we must recognize, and reject, the biases at play that cause people to belittle, ignore, and misunderstand any initiative that's astonishingly successful without making anyone rich." - write.as/eloquence/why-mastodo

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Australian police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, or take over your social media accounts. We must fight for our right to privacy! 💪💪💪

How does this game kick so much arse? John Romero is hands down the best Doom level creator.

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Once again I am hiding beer cans inside a welding machine in my office so my SO doesn't think I was up all night maintaining the Ballmer peak while rewriting Doom in

Doom with just sfx on; feels alive. Feedback is good.
Doom with music: this is the entire fucking vibe right here!

It's ridiculous just how well music can set the environment. Levels I've been playtesting for months suddenly took on a very different feel once I got music sorted.

I now have Doom DMX music converting to MIDI, and playing that through SDL2 + timidity or fluidsynth. This is awesome!

I need 's on mastodon to follow! Post profile links here

Finally! Got a mus2midi written in rust to convert Doom MUS format to MIDI. Almost all of the code available around this that could serve as examples is awful to read and hard to reason due to what C allows (and trying to be fast).

I might turn it in to a crate later. It needs to have some configuration options added, and more of the MIDI conversion added.

Sound was dead easy to do. SDL2 did most of the heavy lifting. Music was harder as most implementations of mus2mid are horrendous to read. But I now have sfx and music. Really not much left to do now.

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