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Alright I get to condense multiple pinned posts into this one I guess

My usercss for this site, I'll try to keep it up to date but no promises:

Also a link to the full list of rubbish I upload there because it takes too many clicks to reach this URL from that one:

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Better do an post before I forget who I am

🐧 run and do horrible things to it
πŸ¦‹ was into before it was cool
πŸŽ„ own a weird keyboard
πŸ– have barely any creative ability
πŸ¦” like to go fast
οΏ½Μ—ΜœΜ€ΜΜ„Μ’ and break things
πŸ—‘πŸπŸ‰πŸ¦Ž am an endless abyss of Online garbage but usually contain it unless prompted
β€’ came here on a whim, haven't done anything like this before, and don't know anyone

I got so much stuff done today and none of it is on my actual todo list of things I've been putting off for half my friggin lifetime





concept: a messaging app that fades from blue to sunset to night as more and more friends go offline, and does the opposite for coming online

obviously the solution is to nest multiple emulators, meka in dosbox ought to work

alright I've tried everything and this pi can't do 8-bit games at a steady framerate but it's fine with 16-bit ones

I don't get it

Turns out this RPi works pretty well for 16-bit emulator shenanigans if I OC it dangerously high and also don't let it default to 1080p60

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my USB cable accidentally fell off the 4th dimension into the 7th

welp, that wasn't it. Guess my phone's just permafucked

β€œhmm I wonder why my phone's USB port is acting up”


I was supposed to do stuff today but I was supposed to be allowed to sleep last night and that didn't happen

Just saw some edgelord throwing a hissy fit over people who bother to CW photos with eye contact, scrolled through his profile and almost immediately found him saying "if you don't like people using CWs, don't look at their posts". wew lad

hey here's a stupid JS bookmarklet I wrote in 2 minutes that doesn't work right but you can see how trivial it'd be to auto-CW long posts for people who don't like them. Get it fixed

$$('.status__content').map(x => x.textContent.length > 300 && (x.innerHTML = '<details><summary>Long ['+x.textContent.length+' chars]</summary>'+x.innerHTML+'</details>'))

2018 is the year we take care of ourselves

Somehow I ended up thinking about the 2-3 random people I met playing Gunbound 15 years ago and I miss them even though I forgot their names long ago