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Watch the Flight Simulator announcement trailer! They're apparently using satellite imagery, and indeed it almost looks life-like:


@fribbledom Thanks for you attention to the AUR beehive package, hope I can try it soon 👍

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Now that we can prove our identity on Mastodon via Keybase, wouldn't it be nice if I could move my entire social graph (content & relationships) to another fediverse account that I can prove my identity for?

That would truly give me the freedom over my account and make me independent from the instance I initially signed up with.

You don't know how many sites have integrated a loading progress bar until you use a crappy internet connection.

The number of mailing analytics links from subscriptions that I receive without valid HTTPS is way too high.

I'm currently playing IX from and it advertised "High-definition character models". What they didn't tell you is that they only updated SOME of the models (of course, main characters).

In this screenshot you can see how detailed the main characters are in comparison with the right most one.

Didn't found a PlayStation screenshot of this for a more direct comparison, sadly.

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