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Once again, severely fucked up my schedule, but I had to handle Dix Family related stuff so it had to happen.

We're gonna try again next week after I'm all caught up (almost there!) & we're gonna kick ass at it.

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There will be many funny screenshots today of despondent QAnon people that can't believe Trump is actually out, but nothing will top this

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Is his make up really blended that bad or is it the quality of the vid?

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β€œHave a good life,” President Trump said to a small crowd of his supporters at Joint Base Andrews before boarding Air Force One for the final time, as β€œYMCA” by the Village People played over the speakers.

He vowed that β€œwe will be back in some form.” nyti.ms/35YcUaD

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Currently helping Mama setup a zoom meeting for the doctor if that gives anyone an idea of how my day is going. πŸ˜…

Tooooo make up for Joe's sick self cock blocking any voyeur cam sessions I had planned this week, we're doing a few different shows today as soon as I get my shit together & finish queuing stuff.

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