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Goodbye to the truly Amazing James Randi, our inspiration, mentor and dear friend. We will love you forever. @jref@twitter.com

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I've remembered one of my neighbors has ever asked me why I lock my door when I'm inside the house and I asked him how he knows that and he told me with a straight face that he has tried to open it some nights to 'greet me' .

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It snowed two days ago and it's probably gonna snow-snow in two more, but rn minor flooding.


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E 24th & Dean is under a foot & a half of water. Few cars are stalled out in the water.

Requesting barricades from public works.

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if i was in a horror movie i would absolutely just allow myself to die, i’m not doing all the running around

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Why do fire men have to antagonize you when they like you (especially Sagittarius). Why can't you just be like "hi, I have mommy issues\ Scorpio placements and I fantasize about fitting inside the walls of your coochie"? acting like you hate your crushes will intensify them.

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Remembering Celia Cruz, born on this day in 1925 in Havana, Cuba. Here she is singing with Tito Puente and Johnny Pacheco at Victor’s Cafe in New York City in 1988.

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I'm just gonna say it.

There's a weird amount of lightning going on for Iowa in October.

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