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I don’t want to pull focus from the Oprah interview but I am currently in a hot air balloon 30 miles off the coast of California and I have no idea how I’m going to get down safely

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the biggest mistake the British media made was going up against an american. there is no loyalty to the pre-existing order and Americans will happily expose every dirty secret. you think your media is bad? please your American cousins will FINISH this family just off principle

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Even if it's just me and the dogs. It's perfection to own a backyard that has privacy. Everyone should have this...

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I can't describe or put into words how calming it is just to sit by a fire at night and actually see stars.

It's like a low-grade, continuous orgasm. Just bliss.

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Lots of followers β‰  Lots of income

Stop making assumptions about other SWers.

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boomers literally ran around reckless with undiagnosed mental illnesses, turned their noses up at therapy & medication, took 0 time to reflect on themselves as humans & then REPRODUCED? HUH??? hey no wonder we all make a big deal about mental health now bc we’d be DEAD otherwise

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Mom is hella into Simon & Garfunkel today and this album cover is killing me slowly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

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Or they could give these rich fucks some Shrooms and a VR headset with a cool space video and use the rest of the money to give everybody on earth some fucking HEALTHCARE twitter.com/cnn/status/1368607

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Slow, but steady progress.

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I'm pretty determined to learn the witchcraft that good makeup entails.

I'm no longer fucking around on any level.

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