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I feel like they called Lola into the principal’s office, told her she was distracting the boys and gave her a change of clothes. twitter.com/drakecereal/status

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So the lesson is that banks flag sex industry people and it's been happening for a long time and there is no reason to panic, only reason to be angry. The end.

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Yep! Every part of my clips/anything you see on here, coming from me, is something I made all on my lonesome.

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@TheFondaDix@twitter.com Did you make this?

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Gonna get some of my own back work finished before I do the full how-to-do-this-to-your-clips tutorial.

I also double checked with C4S & the subtitle track SHOULD be intact after download.

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Tutorial for how to turn on subtitles w/ my clips AND how to add subtitle via Sony Vegas Pro hitting elderfilth.press shortly.

OKAY! I think we're good now. Added to it a bit too. You are 100% welcome to steal this and make it your own if you too would like to passive aggressively and in no useful way stick it to the man.

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kicking off march on The Elise Kennedy Show we have the STUNNING @Vannialll@twitter.com !!!!! catch her this sunday at 9pm!!!

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