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*black metal band

Gotta specify. It's always white dudes, really into death and murder with scary ass voices who wanna sing about fucking kids/babies to "offend" people.

It's the musical version of A Serbian Film.

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Being shown a great new metal band then finding out they gotta a suspicious amount of song glorifying pedophilia.


I forgot. She died an many of those ancestors in the bone yard were a similar scenario.

I'd buy a book about an Addams Family tree/history. In a heartbeat.

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If Debbie hadn't of been an overly greedy bitch, she'd have fit in super well with the rest of the family.

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Note: I didn't say anything to him. I actively tried to hide and avoid humans while being pleasant and not starting shit.

Still tried to do his best to help. My person is the best person.

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Had a shitall mental health day.

Joe came upstairs early and now we're watching both Addams Family movies in a row.

I have laughed and smiled more in the last hour and a half than I have all day.

Dude is primo shit, for sure.

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