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Usually when I make myself both laugh and cringe, it's the best thing I've ever done in terms of creation.


I don’t want an apology from anyone unless it’s an active apology. Change. Accountability. Be better by doing better. Show me better. An ACTIVE APOLOGY


Wearing masks in public and delivery everything are two things I hope stick around after this shit is in the history books.

Me: okay, I got a delivery of beer and fruit snacks coming. No one panic when they show up.

Mama: can get beer and fruit snacks delivered?

Me: you can since the virus hit, ya.

Just when I thought our country couldn't get anymore sitcom like, you go and do something like *this*.


Here's the deal: Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it ourselves and need your help.

If you're able, chip in to help fund the Biden-Harris transition.


Did just shit the bed or am I just having especially bad luck today?

I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere today as far as the giant pile of un-queued clips goes.


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