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Visited the RSS memorial today. After all these years, it's still amazing to see the lightning hit itโ€”every hour, on the hourโ€”and then watch as the sparks ripple out to the aggregator towers at all the cemeteries that are still subscribed.

I could really use some help with macOS UI work for this Mastodon client I'm working on. I'm struggling ridiculously with the core concept of NSTableView cell resizing.

Please boost.

TGIF y'all:


@pbg mjt.org/ You have to trust me. You've nver seen anything like it.

Okay, my new Mastodon instance is live! Since @Mus made oulipo.social/ where you can't post the letter 'e', I am proud to announce:


A Mastodon instance where you can only say the letter "e". Follow me there! I'm @e


Hello toot-friends, please follow my new main acct


@way How are you keeping it invite-only? I'm interested in this as well.

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@casey@lethar.gy that's definitely how I think about it (whether it's technically accurate or not?) Show more

I was thinking about a content auto expire feature for mastodon, and I would love people's feedback github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@CobaltVelvet did you run into any trouble using pgbouncer with active record stored procedures?

@pbg I'm with you on this. We should talk about a python implementation ๐Ÿ˜œ

I see a lot of doubt directed at Mastodon, partially because it's precursors (Ello, Peach, Etc.) fared so poorly, but I think a defining difference is that it's the first platform in a long time where I'm both interested and *able* to actually build something on. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Mastodon: *paints beautiful wall mural*

Twitter: Who's gonna buy that? You can't even transport it?

Mastodon: *does an elaborate interpretive dance in front of the mural*

Twitter: Wait, is that part of the art?

Mastodon: *group meditation chanting "awooo"*

Twitter: Ok but how do you monetize?

Mastodon: *stretch*

Twitter: ...?

Mastodon: *a thousand voices sing a hymn to diversity as a million weirdos dance*

Twitter: We're, uh... we're going home now...

Mastodon: *builds space ship*

@eurasierboy amaroq is a real nice app. Do you want feature requests sent here?

do the people complaining about mastodon admins being able to view your private messages realize that
twitter can do that too and they're literally partnered with a service named "dataminr"

@wakest I wanted some separation from Panic in case things get weird.