Every time I think something like “I should get a gameboy advance” or “I should get into laser discs” there’s a little voice in my head and he says “should you? Should you really?” And he’s right but fuck him anyway

tiktok made kinning no longer a tumblr “I literally am this character” thing and more of a “I really relate to this character” thing and it has caused some conversations with some exceptionally straight friends that were. Jarring

do you ever hear something so funny you laugh until you cry and then for like the next fifteen minutes you go through the cycle of thinking about it again by accident and then cracking up again

god I can change my legal name but I can’t change my ps4 gamertag until I’m 18. Transphobic.

has robin williams ever been in a movie that wasn’t amazing??

fuckin annoying that my civics class wants me to believe the 15th amendment magically gave all Black men the ability to vote and the 19th magically gave all women the ability to vote.

Y’all my appointment in court to legally change my name is NEXT WEEK!!!

when the job you want more than any other is known for shitty conditions and pay🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

it drives me nuts when people say an old show is “clean” or “classy” unlike modern comedy, as though people weren’t outraged about those shows constantly at the time

I wonder if I hang onto my vhs tapes until I’m like 80 if they’ll be worth anything or if they’ll just be even *more* worthless lmao

boy some of those 90s and 80s muppet movies have some very scary muppets

Hey you’re not supposed to cross two lanes of traffic while turning in an intersection right

at what point are you supposed to start going to a dentist for grown-ups

Talking to a friend who’s talking to her pastor and am immediately reminded of how incredibly confusing and weirdly sugarcoated Christianity can be

I’m not gonna stay up until five for animal crossing spring. I’m not. I’m not gonna do it.

“I know what you did last summer” gets sort of cheesy in the middle and the end but has a terrifying premise tbh. The horrible accident that was truly an accident but is turned into a murder by pack mentality is really something.

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