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Roger Federer joins mastodon. the Federerverse.

sunday’s are for hanging out barefoot with the window open, natural light pouring through your living space and cleaning.

i wouldn’t be mad if someone wanted to fill me in on drama though tbh i’m nosey and i don’t have anything going on for an hour or two

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hot new musical collaboration, Vampire Weeknd

spent $60 on groceries today and i got no snacks. all real, healthy food. very proud and very disappointed in myself rn.

i have lots of people muted but if people were actually having serious clout discourse recently and it wasn’t a joke, mastodon is on track to a bad place probably lol.

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night crew posters seeing the clock roll closer to the hell hours

i wish i stuck around to say hi to the guys who played for us tonight and thank them but tbh i’m completely drained and just wanted to be home and smoking weed.

i’m a little too only drunk i can’t wait to get home and smoke a joint and listen to these guys on spotify (i found them on there cus i felt bad i spent the last of my money on my ticket and i want to support them they’re really good)

one of the guys from the band is from the city i was born in about 7 hours away a province over it was cool to hear my hometown get s shout out

ive literally never had a better time in my small town my heart is singing and glowing

ahhhh they did ace of spades by motörhead i yelled so loud after the second note in excitement lol

oh this is a medley of a bunch of oldies it’s so good

these guys covered Bowie going into Prince and holy shit i’m so happy wow this is amazing

i feel very privileged to be a white person who understands where the beat is in music lmao

i bought two beers at the makeshift bar and she opened both of them as if i came here with anybody lol. i was trying to drink the second one later but i guess i’ll get to it quicker now

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