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mollymauk lick salt water off my tiddies challenge

every day i wonder if today will be the day my coworkers realize i just put a Mumford and sons album on two times in a row

the moment the sun goes down i get tired. better put me on an animorphs cover, because i'm turning into a bird.

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the Axolotl salamander has the amazing ability to regrow lost limbs without scarring. this is because they can develop new stem cells when needed- but they really don't deserve this ability. it should have gone to a more deserving animal, such as penguins or giraffes.

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want to write... have nothing to write about. anyone got any of those handy idea generators?

Alright, it looks like I might be moving most of my stuff over to, since that instance seems a lot more relevant to my interests.

(Not that I don't enjoy the constant grock memes and that every single person I follow is a stupid lesbian that loves minecraft and cats. I *do* love that.)

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You've heard of Lesbians, you've heard of toebeans

Now I, Mastodon.Socials premiere MS Paint Cat artist bring you.... Lesbeans

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@henrytomasinos Haha! If bullets 😂 could kill me, I'd be dead a hundred times over! 😂 😂 Buy Fallout 76 to learn the Achilles heel of my immortality and engage me in a Persona 5 boss battle!

Monster Factory is here to cure my anxiety by showing me men shaped like avacados

shoutout to judge john hodgeman for being a podcast *so* safe for work that I can feel my coworkers and aging as I subject them to some pure, lighthearted judgement.

there's gotta be done kind of extension that lets me make a queue right. so i don't just log in and retoot twenty things in a row.

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Writing vampire stuff from the POV of a non-vampire is so nice because they can be like "I don't know the specifics of vampire stuff" and then I don't have to explain any of it.

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