Do you know any good social media platform where one can share music with others?

I am looking to be appreciated for my taste in music and also look for people who like the same songs/artists as me.

@deneb it has been great yes ;) achieved financial stability and have a good bunch of people around :) How has it been for you?

@deneb Heyy! Thanks :) I am a completely changed person from one year ago. How about you?

so much to say but nothing to write, hate this feeling

@viv if i look at my LinkedIn, it may seem that the worst hit entity from my own high expectations from myself is me

covid symptoms 

no breathing problems, no pain in the center of the chest now but body is still achy and fatigued, little cough

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covid symptoms 

also suggested to get an ECG done, can't say that I am completely fine now but the pain in shoulder/chest has reduced for sure

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covid symptoms 

they took my temperature and blood pressure, recommended paracetamol 3000 mg and ibuprofen 1200 mg everyday

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covid symptoms 

have resumed going to work since past two weeks, went to see a doctor at the emergency room last week

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The Sopranos 

Just finished watching the show all over again. Still frustrated abut the ending. Anybody has any theories?

May Day 2020 Live Stream 

A day-long online celebration of workers' rights on May 1, with performances from all around the world.

@casey my goal is to do stuff that's like gerard manley hopkins but lesbian and psychedelic

@deneb *touch wood* his hair seem so fluffy...what shampoo does he use?

@Paridhigupta pretty much the same...writing about feelings here and on blog helps as well

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