But none of that weighs up to the companies who send abuse mails directly to my hosting provider instead of to me. My hosting provider usually gives me 24 hours to solve those reports, so just out of principle I'll wait 23 hours before deleting the content.

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Then there are the companies who send DMCA mails to support or my personal e-mail address, even though I state specifically on my about page that DMCAs should go to abuse@. I just delete those, idgaf

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Even though the files are usually already gone I still need to check every single mail.. so much wasted time. I need to work more on automating this. Ideally I just have a queue of DMCA notifications and I only have to press Accept or Deny to process them.

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Whenever a Disney product is found on pixeldrain I am flooded by a deluge of DMCA notifications by at least a dozen independent IP protection services.

Disney cares a lot about intellectual property. But we already knew that.

Hey @avira do you know how hard it is to build a trustworthy brand?

And do you know how how easy it is to get such a brand reputation ruined by some shitty antivirus program saying that it's a phishing site?

Check your damn e-mails.

Pixeldrain has two new themes! Nord and Snowstorm, one of the two is a light theme :o. Inspired by nordtheme.com/

Check them out here: pixeldrain.com/appearance

I have raised the file size limit on to 10 gigabytes (again)

The hardest challenge I have faced in software development is vertically centering an icon and a label on a button.

If you are a YouTube creator who is scared that your videos will be taken down, pixeldrain.com is a great alternative platform to provide video content to your audience!

For a tiny fee of €2 per month anyone can stream your videos with 's video player

Fortinet has once again (for the fourth time or so) unblocked pixeldrain on its firewalls. I'm very close to getting a perfect score on VirusTotal. Except @avira still thinks that it's a phishing site for some reason. They're not responding to my mails.


I spent 30 minutes getting the Node.js parse-torrent library working until I gave up and implemented it on the server side. This is probably faster anyway.

New feature! The website can now analyse torrent files and generate magnet links!

Here's the torrent for Sintel: pixeldrain.com/u/2tDUVUeo

I thought my computer mouse was broken, but apparently the laser pointer was completely covered by cat hair. That doesn't help.

For a while I could only move my cursor diagonally.

So up to today marrying kids was fine in the Philippines, but sharing files on pixeldrain is not allowed..


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