I was just looking at copyright law in the EU. Apparently the duration of copyright is 50 years from the first publication. That would mean that things like the first four albums of Led Zeppelin have entered the public domain!

Tilix FTW. It's really powerful once you know the shortcuts.
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What terminal do you use? 👨‍💻👩‍💻

Some files have been lost due to a database crash. The links for these files still work, but you can't download them. I'll be removing the links when I get back from vacation next week.

I'm working on a fix for this problem, but it's a complex issue so it will take some time.

Still having database issues with . Some files may be temporarily unavailable. If you get a 404 or 500 error for a file you know still exists, just try again a few minutes later.

Hacker News has been down for about three hours now and I feel a bit lost.

I'm afraid the Americans have started a trend. Germany is now going back in time too!
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It's over for nuclear in Germany. The SDP-Green coalition has won a vote in the Bundestag backing more coal burning so that the three remaining nuclear plants can be switched off as planned this year. Climate targets may have to be abandoned as a result.


Amazed at the kidney's ability to turn beer into Heineken

Redesign your logo
Give us all your money

It would cost $213000 per month to run on Amazon AWS.

Running it on normal hosting providers instead costs $3200 per month. AWS is a scam.

Could be that I just don't like shooters anymore. I should try a different genre.

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When I was still a student I would probably have completely been absorbed by the game. Hunting for all the secrets and achievements. Reading all the lore and such.

Now I'm like: That was fun, I'll go back to doing nothing with my evening.

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For some reason I can't get into videogames anymore. I bought DOOM (the new one), played a few levels, and after about half an hour I got bored and continued watching netflix.

Last Saturday broke its personal record in bandwidth usage. 186.5 TB in a single day!

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