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at the stoning

Jesus: let he without sin, cast the first BOFA

guy in crowd: What's BOFA???


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can't believe someone finally made a social media website that's about interacting with your friend's on line

also reminder that I had a toot deleted for making a joke about white genocide, a nazi conspiracy theory, because it was "illegal"

so i guess consider what kind of power structures .social's mods are looking to uphold with this sort of thing and maybe look into an instance that is more interested in your safety

reminder to anyone that if they're feeling unsafe on .social as they continue to close ranks around abusers, there's always other instances and your follower count isn't as important as your MH

Just had a toot jokingly asking eugen if it was ok to say that white genocide is good deleted, so I guess that answers that question!

Federation report: in the last hour, received 11147 toots from 505 instances. We can see at the moment 54.96% of them say "fuck white people" :guillotine: moderation 

@Gargron I think people give you too much shit and much of it is undeserved but honestly this whole thing could have been handled better, and I appreciate you reviewing moderation policies in response. 🙂

(But please now also unsuspend Bofa.)

Reminder that Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts I-IV" are available for you to download for free and are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license:

To my knowledge it's the only CC Music that has been nominated for a Grammy.

#ccmusic #music moderation 

Following a wrongful suspension I have made some changes in the moderation team and the suspension has been lifted.

Lmao how did we go from “fuck nazis” to banning people for saying “fuck white people” in a fortnight

periodic reminder that this instance,, has one of the most lively instances full of (mostly queer) leftists muted so you can't see or interact with them unless you already follow them so now might be a good idea to consider joining another instance.

if you'd like to join the queer leftist shitposting party i can invite to, and also if you want to cast some spells and have a chill time i run which is open for registrations!

On the bofa block 

Okay, lessons learned about Mastodon:

Even though the platform is decentralised and thus automatically better than birdsite, the fact remains that there is still a clear hierarchy of instances depending on those instances' owners means to maintain server capacity and advertise in the first place

Don't get me wrong, this place is still great, but the bofa instance block kinda demonstrates how imperfect the system is and how a major instance still has disproportionate clout

this wouldn't have happened if pepsi were still here

wil wheaton wants too speak to mastodon's manager

i hope wil wheaton stubs his toes today and walks into the corner of a knee high table and then steps on an upturned plug


I have received two frivolous reports regarding your very prominent user. The second was merely a critique of the man, untagged.

I am not in a position to be unpaid customer service support for a celebrity who does not want people to say unflattering things about him, especially since he has been banned from the instance to prevent anyone from @'ing him.

In order to prove some asshole wrong (the motivator for every good story about an academic), the mighty Archimedes of Syracuse needed to discover the density of some precious metals

But his bath was hot and he was cranky, so he played around for a while dipping his wrinkly Sicilian balls in and out of the water

He invented the internet culture of "teabagging" and measuring displacement for density in the same moment, and thus he screamed "EUREKA!" and ran outside, teabagging all and sundry

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