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This is exciting — so much has happened today!

🚀 We’re joining forces with @Rapid_API@twitter.com to keep building the best tools

🖥️ Paw is now available in beta on the Web, Windows & Linux

🥇 On Mac, Paw comes with native support for

🦊 We have a new icon

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Don't know if I should be happy or sad about it. If I want a cross-platform app using Electron – I'd go for Postman.
What makes Paw awesome is being a native app tailored for macOS. With this, I have a feeling they'll eventually abandon it.

In general I'm pretty pissed about how many of the modern apps are Electron, that is basically a full-blown instance of Chromium.
* Apps are huge, both in terms of storage and memory
* They're very power hungry
* I don't want a multitude of Chrome instances running on my machine


And finally, the "cross-platform" aspect is just bad. Electron is a lazy way to introduce it. You'd think it's good, but such apps still suffer from bad feature parity.

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