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New Hampshire's primary is a more normal secret ballot primary, rather than Iowa's caucus.

With a whole 27 votes in from 3 precincts out of 297, The Klobb is in a commanding lead at 8 votes to Bernie and Warren, tied at 4.

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I probably don't have to remind you of this but you'd better Temple Run to the polls and vote for Bernie or you're going to have to Temple Run for your life.

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It's worth a mention that for the very first time this entire primary season, Bernie is first place in the polling average:

dem primary, nh primary 

And Biden has already left NH for South Carolina, skipping his own post-primary party. Nice!

dem primary, nh primary 

Link probably won't work, but:

Basically - some 538 staffers went out canvassing with Butt Greg and since it was a Monday, almost no one was home, the notable exception being a family that all firmly supported Bernie.

You love to see it.

dem primary, nh primary 

More broadly, Democratic voters think that Bernie now has the best chance of beating Trump. He weighs in at an average of opined likeliness of 60%, edging out Biden, who has fallen to 58.7%. No one else breaks 50%, including Mayo Pete.

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Meanwhile results are starting to come in hhhhahaahahahahaha paniiicccccc

dem primary, nh primary 

Oh gods 6% reporting and Bernie's up by 3.5% and 500 votes

gods, linear time is SUCH bullshit

dem primary, nh primary 

@fox_news hey fox this is going to be running all night, you have zero control over the outcome, and other than sharing information none of this is actionable within the scale of hours.



dem primary, nh primary 

@starkatt This is an excellent point and thank you for, as ever, keeping me grounded, vix. :heart:

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@starkatt all the same, here at Fox News, we AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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