blm rebellions 2020, uspol, wapol, seattle 

On Saturday, the Seattle police attacked protestors, among them likely journalists and legal counsel, with a massive excess of mace. "I asked the officer what provoked their attack and they responded by telling me to shutup unless I could prove I was legal council." Who, exactly, are they protecting or serving?

blm rebellions 2020, uspol, wapol, seattle 

"When SPD says Seattle is being terrorized by protestors, know that they're full of shit."

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blm rebellions 2020, uspol, wapol, seattle 

"Feds started abducting protesters and a wall of moms formed.

They gassed the moms, so dads brought leaf blowers.

They beat a Navy veteran who just wanted to speak with them, then a wall of vets came together.

They attacked volunteer medics, so nurses showed up in scrubs. "

There's no reforming this. It must be destroyed, and the earth it stood on salted.

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