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"Warnings for fire, freeze and snow over Colorado now thru Tuesday!"

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"NASA fire map shows the absolute failure of mainstream media for not expressing how devasting fires in southern Africa and South America are."

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"Earth barreling toward 'Hothouse' state not seen in 50 million years, epic new climate record shows"

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""The world is swimming in excess oil. Crude prices are weak. Oil companies are starving for cash. And climate change fears are palpable."

Yet the Trump administration is working feverishly to open the Arctic Refuge to oil development. "

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I sure was last week years old when I learned that major traffic thoroughfares in Pittsburgh just flood periodically.

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A clone of a Przewalski's horse was born in Texas last week. The foal, whose species is endangered, acts as a living proof of concept for de-extinction techniques.

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@fox_news fyi this is a map that's several years old, not that the current one looks much better at all

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@fox_news I've been trying to tell all my west coast friends this for ages. We are sorting our plastics and fearing fines for almost no benefit

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