You've all been very patient and understanding these last few weeks. Time for the fluff thread, which, because I had a ton of backlog, is ALSO going to be much longer than usual.

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" Anchorage has voted 9-2 to ban conversion therapy on minors. It’s poised to be the first city in Alaska to outlaw the discredited practice, as well as the northernmost city in the U.S. to protect LGBTQ+ youth."

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"Twitter wins today, this overlay is everything"

Caption: "RNC: Trump officially accepts his nomination for president" overlaid on an image of a completely storm-wrecked group of houses.

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"Fox News Host Pulls 180 on Trump’s ‘Very Fine People’ in Charlottesville, Now Calls It a ‘Hoax’ "

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"Dear White People,

You know how in action movies there's always those people who help out the main villain because he promised them they'll be taken care of when his plan succeeds, but as soon as they've completed his tasks, he has them all killed?

Yeah. That's you."

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PetroChina, one of the largest carbon sources in the world, has posted a $4.4 billion loss in the first half of the fiscal year, and has also pledged to cut emissions to near zero by 2050.

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"A new device that can produce carbon-neutral fuel marks a major breakthrough on the way to "artificial photosynthesis", according to the scientists who created it.

The new device does so using "photosheet" technology. Out of it comes oxygen and formic acid, which can either be stored as a fuel or converted into hydrogen to provide clean energy."

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Old news, I know, but still hilarious: A Trump boat parade with boats driving unsafely and going much too fast... sank. All of it. The large boats swamped the small boats, and then the large boats sank.

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"People post that screenshot of the study saying that cops have difficulty infiltrating anarchist groups because there's too much reading, but another one of my favorite parts is "We don't know how to cut their funding because it's just a bunch of anonymous poor people""

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The Mississippi Flag Commission has selected a new flag to be voted on this November, which contains no Confederate iconography, but rather a magnolia, its state flower.

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"You know why there's never a big "we go undercover inside antifa" stories like there are for say, nazis, right wing terrorists, the Alt-right, cracker pigs and prison cards, Border militias?

Because once they got inside all they'd have is film of people telling each other to be safe, respect the protest, and only respond with violence when attacked in kind.

And that doesn't make for a very good expose and it doesn't make antifa sound like terrorists or a gang."

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A reminder that capitalism isn't what people just naturally do - gift economies with some trade are.

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In a huge blow to GOP attempts to thwart the public will in Maine, the Maine Supreme Court has upheld ranked-choice voting.

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"lets turn the Senate from a glorified Ivy League frat house into an actual one

if abolishing the Senate is out of the question, then turn it into the American House of Lords. Give the political dynasties hereditary seats so they leave real politics alone. Give them no real power while letting them keep the trappings of the senate."

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Today in "more money than sense", homemade MRAP rentals for pub crawls and bachelor's parties.

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"No healthcare for everyone during a pandemic.

No green new deal while the west coast burns.

No defunding the police during the biggest social movement in a generation, at least.

A government utterly unresponsive to the desires and needs of the people is not a democracy."

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Don't beat yourself up over not living up to an unattainable ideal. No one can. You'll just make yourself so miserable that you either burn up and stop fighting entirely or you'll make yourself a non-productive, depressive heap just out a bleeding heart left unchecked. "


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Image 1:
oe rubyvroom Folgen

Can I watch a great film knowing the actresses in it
were terrorized and mistreated the entire time? Can
I watch a football game knowing that the players
are getting brain injuries right before my eyes? Can I
listen to my favorite albums anymore knowing that
the singers were all beating their wives in between
studio sessions? Can I eat at the new fancy taco
place knowing when the building that used to be
there got bulldozed eight families got kicked out of
their homes so they could be replaced with condos
and a chain restaurant? Can I wear the affordable
clothes I bought downtown that were probably
assembled in a sweatshop with child labor? Can I
eat quinoa? CanI eat this burger? Can I drink this
bottled water? Can I buy a car and drive to work
because I’m sick of taking an hour each way on the
subway? Whose bones do I stand on? Whose bones
am I standing on right now?

Image 2:
@​ surelytomorrow

On one hand, it’s a privilege to be able to choose
to acknowledge these horrors or not-we’re

going to acknowledge that privilege. On the

other hand, I once attended a lecture by the
explorerer-conservationist Jacques-Yves
Cousteau’s daughter and son and they had a lot
of opinions about what we could do to help the
environment and the ocean and I talked about
how in my country, we have to drink bottled water,
because it’s a desert and there’s only salt water all
around, but we’re contributing to pollution and all of
these things...

And she looked at me and told me not to fall into
the trap of “activist guilt.” I couldn’t remember the
exact words, but, it was the first time I’d heard the
term and it took a weight off my shoulders.

We do what we can. It’s so much better than giving
up entirely or not doing anything at all because we
can’t do it perfectly. It doesn’t benefit anyone in
the end if we just sit around feeling guilty about
every little thing in life. I’d just joined tumblr back
then (haha, so like, eight or nine years ago at this
point?), I was being exposed to way more than

I'd ever been before (I was previously just into
feminism and animal rights/wildlife conservation/
environmentalism since I was a kid), and it was
weighing on me.

Image 3:
As long as humans are humans and living flawed
lives, many consumed by greed, there will not be
anything in this world untouched by evil.

I usually avoid stuff that says it was made in China
or other cheap looking knockoffs, out of fear of
them being made in sweatshops (now, I know even
a lot of big brands use those...), it’s exhausting.
Then, I read something about how people who
actually lived and worked in those would still buy
this cheap stuff and how this shocked the foreigner
reporting on it, but they just looked confused

like, it’s what they can afford and them avoiding
consuming it isn’t going to change the whole
system from the ground-up.

... it went on about how “money talks” and
choosing where to put your money still feeds the
whole capitalist system and is nearly a way of
comforting yourself, but you not buying doesn’t
mean everyone else isn’t. What needs to be tackled
is at a much higher level than any of us can reach.

Of course, I’d still, given the choice, give my money
to companies I agree with and I'll boycott what

I know to support awful stuff, but I also feel no
superiority over this and know now it’s not as black
and white or easy as I thought it was.

Image 4:
This is the same reason that moral purity “you
can’t enjoy [x] because it’s Problematic ™?” is

such nonsense, because nothing is pure. There’s
something bad about everything if you dig deep
enough. As long as we lived in flawed human
societies we’ve got to make the best of what they
offer us. If you have the choice and means, please,
do support those who do good, but also, don’t beat
yourself up over not living up to an unattainable

No one can. You'll just make yourself so miserable,
you either burn up and stop fighting entirely or
you'll make yourself a non-productive, depressed
heap just out of a bleeding heart left unchecked.
You can’t make a change to this world if you refuse
to engage in it.

OCR Output (chars: 4164) 

@OCRbot @fox_news this is how so many of us feel.


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