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"During her live stream, Ocasio-Cortez spoke at length about the attempted coup, asking what the end game of political nihilism is. "What claim will you have? That you rule over a destroyed society? That the ashes belong to you?""

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"Georgia man arrested following US Capitol riots dies by suicide, medical examiner says."

Ah, yes, the old "killing yourself by shooting yourself in the chest".

"Zip-tied his hands behind his back and shot himself five times in the face in a burning car. Worst suicide I've ever seen..."

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The more details come to light, the more blatant it is that this was an inside job.

In addition to the Stop the Steal putsch organizer's allegations regarding three sitting congressmen, we have:

-A report that Congress members gave reconaissance tours the day before

-The fact that every panic button in Rep. Pressley's office had been torn out

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-House Dems being briefed on three separate plots to overthrow the government, including one which involves encircling the Capitol and assassinating congresspeople


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Here are some images of National Guard troops posted in the Capitol for the first time in over a century.

"you see that plaque there? Its a memorial to troops quartered in this SAME EXACT PLACE fighting against the same racist bullshit in April of 1861. over 150 years ago, and there has been almost no progress on equality since. That means the system is broken."

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More of them, sleeping under the watchful eyes of Liberty:

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More in the Rotunda, beneath giant oil paintings:

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