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For your amusement, please have a picture of Tyvek-suited, respirator-wearing workers giving the Oval Office a deep chemical disinfection.

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A source closer to the editor of Fox News has sent them a picture that appears to be genuine, of an unclassified statement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signaling a willingness to remove Trump on January 20th to make way for Biden.

Looks like Trump and Q finally managed to break one of the NatSec apparatus's rules after years of bending them out of shape.


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Also, as it turns out when you're not a dipshit centrist, Metaculus is on easy mode.

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"I've said this before, but this is the kind of thing that brings down governments. People seeing with their own eyes that at a time where the federal government is indisputably the only entity with the tools and the power to help, they won't."

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Don't beat yourself up over not living up to an unattainable ideal. No one can. You'll just make yourself so miserable that you either burn up and stop fighting entirely or you'll make yourself a non-productive, depressive heap just out a bleeding heart left unchecked. "


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"Twitter wins today, this overlay is everything"

Caption: "RNC: Trump officially accepts his nomination for president" overlaid on an image of a completely storm-wrecked group of houses.

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"NASA fire map shows the absolute failure of mainstream media for not expressing how devasting fires in southern Africa and South America are."

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How, might you ask, does the DOJ determine what an "anarchist jurisdiction" is? Glad you asked! Such a jurisdiction is one that defunds or limits police departments, refuses offers of federal law enforcement deployment, or *literally whatever else Bill Barr feels like today*.

h/t @Aradia


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Just look at this. Just fucking look at this forecast. New Orleans is going to be *gone*.

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Your mind and mental health are your most important resource and your most valuable weapon in this fight. Take care of them. That's not a choice, any more than material support, training, or finding affinity groups is.

After our depth in numbers and our superior logistics of mutual aid, the Left's capacity for actual self-maintenance without worrying it makes us soft is perhaps our greatest competitive advantage, and we're going to need every advantage we can get.


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Supposedly was this person, as per a local Telegram channel.

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