Hurricane Zeta. In October. This is only the second time EVER that the NOAA has had to use Greek letters, and the last time was in 2005 (most notable for Hurricane Katrina) which ended up with Zeta in *January of 2006*. We're in uncharted territory, but then again, we sure have been this whole time.

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No, I didn't watch the debate tonight, either, because I have several hundred better things to do on any given night.

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If it doesn't come from an actual fox, it's just sparkling misinformation.


Chloe Eudaly and Jo Ann Hardesty are pushing in city hall to defund the Portland Police another 18 million dollars. Specifically targeting defunding the riot cops and SERT (portland's SWAT team). They are directly citing the protests as the reason why.

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Because of what he's done - because of how many minds he's poisoned and lives he's prematurely ended - because of just how much harm he's done to the body politic

I genuinely hope that the amount of morphine that it would take to dull the pain of slowly drowning in his own fluids and puking up his stomach lining from chemo, would literally kill him.

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Bolivia's socialist party has won in a landslide after a US-backed election rigging and right-wing coup earlier this year.

if you were to get one additional day per week off, which day would you prefer it to be? (assuming you have weekends off normally):

@fox_news to all@earth: can u just like not for a week

Ah yes, the famous left wing organization *squints at headline* the Pinkerton Detective Agency

oh gods why does there keep being vastly much more news than I can keep up with

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"The Alt-Right Playbook: The Ship of Theseus" by Innuendo Studios.

I phrased it the way I did in the CW because it's not just the alt-right that does this, and I share it because knowing how it works gives you a better chance of avoiding falling for it.

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At any rate: I hear again and again that the world's telecom network is basically maintained by a dozen furries in their 40s, running around with shoestring and bubblegum and duct tape

How about that huh

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What of the chaotic days after The King in Orange's oncoming capitulation to the plague?

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A specific building in Delaware where thousands of corporations are technically headquartered

A sever farm out in Newark

ports, dockyards, trucking routes

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"What is the modern equivalent of the telephone exchange in Barcelona that was so savagely fought over during the May Days in 1937? What is the modern equivalent of the St. Petersburg rail line that the insurgent workers fought so hard over in revolutionary Russia? We have a unique problem, in that we live in a huge country. We need to figure out creative ways to break this distance and utilize it for our own ends, i.e., as pure means."

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