uspol (Marjorie Taylor Greene, conspiracy theories), youtube video (Renegade Cut) 

"Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Conspiracy Theorist Right"

From the description: "Who is Marjorie Taylor Greene? What does she believe? Why does she believe it? Strange as she might seem, the Congresswoman from Georgia is part of a larger right-wing culture of conspiracy theorists."

medical news (neuroprosthetics), & links

"A team of UCSF scientists was able to translate the unspoken words of a completely paralyzed man into written speech, a transformative step toward developing implantable brain devices that could allow people no longer able to speak to communicate fluently.

The “neuroprosthetic” technology involved installing a credit-card-sized electrode panel on the surface of a volunteer’s brain, then collecting electrical signals as the person — a man completely paralyzed by a brain-stem stroke 15 years ago — tried to form words.

Over a period of several months, scientists worked with the man to develop a catalog of 50 words that could be translated from his thoughts into hundreds of phrases and sentences, such as “I am thirsty” and “I need my glasses.” The translation produced up to 18 words a minute with 93% accuracy.

Results of the trial were published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine."

And a link to the NEJM:

death, worldpol, agriculture 

We've lost someone important today. How unjust it is, that people like these in the background quietly personally improving everyone's standard of living are unknown.

Yuan Longping, responsible for the modern rice strain which feeds billions, has passed away.

pol, +, death 

my arguing over whether or not to use the "Mission Accomplished" gif may have killed Donald Rumsfeld just now.

CrimethInc article re: the rising trend of vehicular attacks on protestors

"The message is clear enough. In short, lawmakers and police seek to crack down on pedestrians acting collectively to oppose state violence, while extending additional privileges to drivers who act individually to support state violence via their own attacks. The official institutions of the state have failed to leverage enough violence to suppress movements against police violence and white supremacy, so they are deputizing others to do so—a longstanding counterinsurgency strategy reflective of the colonial heritage of the United States."

Covid Variant D news, all bad 

World Health Organization says that variant Delta of Covid19 is the most transmissible and is most likely to 'pick off' (i.e. kill) the most vulnerable. It is becoming the most common variant.

Most Americans believe election audits are BS 

57% of Americans reject #gop led drives to audit 2020 votes, characterizing the activity as 'partisan efforts to undermine valid election results.' (29% of Americans are Republican, 29% or so of Republicans believe QAnon BS, so that's about 10%)

uspol, ilpol, chicago, leftpol, editorial 

The editor is proud of their adoptive city and happy to have played a role, however small, in bringing this to fruition.

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uspol, ilpol, chicago, leftpol 

5 of Chicago's aldermen have announced the creation today of a Democratic Socialist caucus in the Chicago city council.

re: uspol, twitter link (ABC News) 

@LexYeen what

I... am genuinely surprised.

uspol, twitter link (ABC News)

"Pres. Biden: "We won't ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism.""

Huh. He fuckin' said it, y'all.

Let's see if there's some action to back it up, but for the moment I'll be okay with words like this.

re: uspol (IRS), New York Times link 

I was going to have more of a reaction, then I saw I had 69 characters left after "Good."

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uspol (IRS), New York Times link

"Biden Seeks $80 Billion to Beef Up I.R.S. Audits of High-Earners

The president’s “American Families Plan,” which he will detail this week, will be offset in part by a tax enforcement effort that administration officials believe will raise $700 billion over a decade."

"Previous administrations have long talked about trying to close the so-called tax gap — the amount of money that taxpayers owe but that is not collected each year. This month, the head of the I.R.S., Charles Rettig, told a Senate committee that the agency lacked the resources to catch tax cheats, costing the government as much as $1 trillion a year.

The erosion of resources at the I.R.S. was detailed in a Congressional Budget Office report last year that examined the agency’s work from 2010 to 2018. During that time frame, the I.R.S.’s annual budget declined by 20 percent and its staff declined by 22 percent. Funding for enforcement activities fell by nearly a third.

With less money and staff, the I.R.S. was forced to become more lax at enforcing tax laws. Examinations of individual tax returns fell by 46 percent and audits of corporate tax filings fell by 37 percent, according to the C.B.O."


Signal just announced, in creative words, that they might exploit Cellebrite's UFED - which is used by LEA to search smartphones:

fucking with police tech 

Ok, so cops have this tool called Cellbrite they use to automate collecting data off of cell phones that they physically posses and are unlocked.

Turns out, Cellbrite has shite security, which means that you can drop an otherwise-inert file somewhere in your phone's system that, if scanned, will inject itself and allow arbitrary code execution on their Cellbrite device. I.E, you can make their hardware do literally anything you want, including compromising any data the device collects.

And in what they describe as unrelated news, Signal will start occasionally and randomly stashing some inert files in installations on established accounts.

george floyd trial 

The cop who murdered George Floyd was found guilty of all three charges.

We must still defund and dismantle the police.

update on George Floyd trial, twitter link as source (ACLU)

Derick Chauvin has been convicted of murdering George Floyd.

The only words I have are "good" and "I hope that murdering son of a bitch rots in his cell."

fuck the police

if you see a cop doing ANYTHING fucking film them

we're not locked in here with them. they're locked in here with US.

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