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Bible: Angels look like a giant wheel of flame.
Renaissance painter: This one looks like my sexy boyfriend.
Bible: No! They have a hundred eyes!
Painter: Cute babies?

printer printer
out of ink?
telling lies?
open your cartridges
ha ha ha

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Before Watchmen: Rorschach has BAD ASS DIALOGUE because remember, Alan Moore said if any of his fans idolized Rorschach to get the FUCK away from him.


Well my girlfriend’s application was denied so we gotta fucking appeal now. That’s cool. It costs £1400 to appeal. Feel kind of dead now.

l-l-l-l-look at you, hacker. a pa-pa-pathetic creature of meat and bone. panting and sweating as you r-r-run through my corridors. how can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?

@foxalive555 he has brain damage and a goofy eye so he’s in captivity. I love him.

I don’t know the original source for this but this is exactly like how my idiot dog is

How do you tag someone who’s on a different instance? Or even just toot directly at them?

Oh since there’s more people on here now can someone rt this in case more of my Twitter mutuals have since signed up, please & thanks

If anyone has any experience with hair dye I’d actually really like to know why this happened, we pre-bleached and everything.

An attempt to die my hair violet was made. Dark blue was the result instead.

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