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they are silencing the non verified people now too

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sending prayers and love for a swift return to the knzk gang

follow my new account on knzk!!


pls boost toot :fatyoshi:

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Sex is cool but has anyone ever scratched your back for, like, a while

stuck between being too lazy to move and wanting to move in solidarity

is target self checkout an esport yet, cause i’m grandmaster

every part of the rental process just feels skeevy. fees on top of fees on top of rent, on top of deposits ...

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For the record open office plans are not just a bad idea they are actively abrasive and flat out ablest garbage - speaking as someone who has sensory issues and is a bit on the loud side it is hell

abusing delete and redraft cause apparently i can't type

uspol / mccain 

really wish the media would stop equating mccain’s “human flaws” (killing thousands of iraqis) with mine (sometimes gets mean and detached)

endless bloodshed is not human nature

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@leonthotsky the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of gamers, actually

hate having to wait in line behind the cat to use the bathroom

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this is how you live the KNZK GANG life to its fullest

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