's federation had become less than useless... it was impossible to find people or look for interesting conversations to read and jump into.

feel ill and tired and want more sleep but too much light streaming in

pretty sure that everyone agrees that our music is the trashiest trash ever to cross ones ears. and not in the good way. We're talking, so bad its painful trash

we will never sell music. we will never make anything reasonably good either

we made the decision that we'd just stay here until we could get working again. simply because that should be monday or tuesday we can do that again.

this account is literally our 'backup', and yeah, maybe we should be on awoospace or vulpineclub or even interlinked's but that means trying to get everyone to follow us elsewhere again... we already lost followers when we switched back to here.

and our choices are: break our small webserver/IRC server that has nowhere near enough ram



this is pushing us to possibly just bring our instance back.

we don't know what to do.

maybe we're prudeish but... we really wish we could like bring certain places out of our timeline full stop without having to resort to constant blocking... post too much stuff that is not what we want to see.

on top of that, we wish we could hide things we're not going to understand, the federated timeline becomes impossible to parse at some points.

thats not to say those people shouldn't be here, but we all should be able to see who we're seeing to a degree as wide or narrow as we want!

We have Tourette's and one of our tics sounds like barks and the number of times people have asked if we have like a fox or something is too damn high. But it makes sense when you realize we're the yappy fennec making all that fucking noise

We should record that, considering. It'd be hilarious

Hello fellow humans
We're totally a human and not a fox

So what human Things are we talking about today?

it'd probably be better if we had some talent or something.

I'm in Security!

Why do I have so much insecurity?

we're hoping after we move we'll be much more able to actually TRY to do things again.

getting all kinds of shitty feels right now around art and whatnot...

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