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In time of protests, these legal eagles ensure help is at hand.

A network of young lawyers, providing free legal counsel, now looks to widen its reach pan India


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To the visually impaired student who got beaten by the Delhi police.
Sir you may not have the gift of sight but your vision supercedes all of ours.

That's Prof C Raveendranath, Minister of Education, State of Kerala, a Somalian State as per Modi Zee, in Green shirt sitting on floor leaving elevated space for students. Now think what you would see if this was in UP?

To make it clear, there is no ban on Muslim women entering mosques in Islam. What we see in India with certain groups is actually cultural baggage acquired from converts

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When courts wears saffron at least try to call it orange. It doesn't matter if court checks validity of claims by opposing parties in women's mosque entry. But to club it with some entirely different case with possibility of communal fissures is not Justice but sanghism in Garb of justice. If a BJP member files for temple entry in sabarimala let them own it

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is funny. They asked for review of women's entry to sabarimala and the court ruled saying we will check Muslim women's entry to mosque also. We have no dog in this fight. There is no deity in any mosque which need your presence at specific location to be blessed by that God. For a Muslim, mosque is just brick and mortar but belongs to God.

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75% of BJP's poll trust funds in 2018-19 came from TATAs

In 2018-19 BJP declared 741.98 Crores in donations, up 69.5% from 437.69 Crores in 2017-18.

75% of this came from the Tatas.

(This EXCLUDES Anonymous Rlectoral Bonds)


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For the martyr who dies for his cause, he will get 72 virgins as a reward.

A Brahmin can achieve that by just visiting his local Brahmin Mahasabah.

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At the current moment, I feel compelled to write why JNU stands, why I love the space despite having criticized it on multiple account. I have now been part of JNU for 7 years, starting from my masters. I grew up in the way I looked at the world, it really helped me breathe the air of freedom. After my master's, I received the news that I had Cancer, as scary as it was I didn't want life to stop. I sat for the MPhil exam in the middle of my chemotherapy, and cleared.

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Incisive article from @DilliDurAst on the role played by ideology in politics.

Read it to understand why VBA/MIM are crushing the INC voteshare. Although it is curious how VBA/MIM are raising money at the scale needed for their results, while smaller parties like AAP/Swaraj India struggle, it is clear the INC has ceded ground to them due to ideological hollowness.


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In case someone is intrested, today @sanjivbhatt appeared in court for his bail app.

No proceedings happened & another date was given.
Hon'ble SC has no time.

Here is the face of truth & courage. Someone is petrified of his freedom. Lets see until when.

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Another legendary man died yesterday: bureaucrat PS Krishnan, known for doggedly working for SC/STs and the underprivileged from within the system. Also, this is a wonderfully observed obituary.

"After listening to him speak at a meeting, a top bureaucrat told others in the room that Krishnan was very intelligent despite being a Dalit. When some officers pointed out that Krishnan wasn’t a Dalit, the same bureaucrat said this explained his intelligence."


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