True Dat

In fact coincidentally just about to put out three different offers over the next two weeks.

I need to write more about this - but no more dilly-dallying - time to share regardless. The image speaks volumes.

Credit Tim Urban via Chris Hladczuk

Not just bigotry … ignorance contributes @jdcivicscience

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Ladies and Gentlemen: The saddest and funniest testament to American bigotry we've ever seen in our data.

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Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the Credibility Nation Monthly Learning Spotlight (January 21, 2022, at 12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST), with our special guest, @jgphilpin.

Register now at and join other thought leaders in this learning session.

Read and highlight in Matter … which automatically synchs with Readwise - so you can then create a neat little graphic - like this for example.

Time to explore whether Matter can replace StoopInbox.

Apparently ‘someone’ ‘did it up’ 20 years ago - have to say I thought it was much more recent …

Every morning I walk down the stairs and am greeted by this.

And every morning I am reminded of Micro Blog - and specfically @maique

That moment when you might need to buy some pencils and use them - just to justify buying one of these.

🎶🎵🎼 Revisit Monday

Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning


You sometimes forget - no matter how great you think you remember it being from the first listening.

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