@Pixley@radical.town so do i like delete this account or what idk how this works please help

@Pixley@radical.town i think i should change instances or something and restart, that might help my experience because 99% of my following/followers are inactive now

@Pixley@radical.town @smolshrew@piss.restaurant yeah somehow i remembered my login info. i probably wont be too active because this definitely isnt the platform for me, but ill check in every now and again :> <3

@Pixley@radical.town @smolshrew@piss.restaurant hello!!

@smolshrew@piss.restaurant ft. loadnutter, i hope

@Aleums@radical.town im making it somehow

hope youve been doing ok <3

@smolshrew@piss.restaurant ~0.000315657 mile blades on the impala

@Leah this depends, i suppose

ive pirated literal terabytes of stuff over the years and have only ever gotten one letter

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