One moment in time: beyond tellerrand has always been more than just another conference about technology, design, and usability. Some personal notes about the beyond tellerrand conference 2022 in Düsseldorf: @btconf

Ubuntu users untested work in progress: creating a captive page to sign into any public network, my latest blog post and side project:

Got your ticket for this years Düsseldorf already? May 2–3 it is and you should not miss out. 2 days packed with exciting and interesting talks in the renowned atmosphere. Can’t wait to see you again! 👉

internet connection "speed" in Germany might be the reason why so many people still queuing up on the roads on their way to an office despite being allowed to work from home at least in theory

What's next in CSS? A CSS Container Queries Example (part 4 of my DEV blog series on new (and underrated) features that you can start to learn and use in 2022 as a

Looking forward to online events: Remix Conference Friday 14 January 2022 , a Smashing Hour with… Sara Soueidan (part 2, January 20, 2022) and, last but not least, CSS Café Understanding the Cascade with Bramus van Damme @Schepp

Trying to make sense of a misconception: when I first heard about container queries in CSS, I thought of "container units" like ch, cw as percentages relative to the other axis. 100cw = 100% of the container width, even if used insight a height property.

Using to write better Code: how to get type hints and better code completion just by adding a few lines of annotation comments:

I don't want to abandon shitter (twitter) despite its toxicity and UI antipatterns without a real alternative. Mastodon has a similar UI and not much is going on there. Maybe there is another important indieweb platform I have been missing?

Web3 is a despicable bullshit fad. Crypto, NFT, metaverse and other useless capital bullshit will create a digital dystopia, wasting energy and sucking people into an imaginary cyberspace, instead of rebuilding actual communities, saving our planet and rediscovering humanism!

Avatar of a man sitting in front of a desk with his fingers on a laptop keyboard, his grey hair betraying his age, wearing a black t-shirt with a print of the word CSS

Web development in 2022: What will web development be like in 2022? What do we wish it to be? What are my plans as a web developer? Some thoughts to be continued ...

It's possible to work AND campaign on the same day (at least in ), but it's impossible to save humanity without changing anything. See you outside!

So happy that
@marcthiele will organize a real-life conference again, even more so Beyond Tellerrand which is one of the best I know! Looking forward to seeing you all in November! Save the date 7th/8th/9th November 2021 in and grab one of the last tickets!

I have released
Cute Pink Light Theme 0.2.1 for JetBrains IDEA / PhpStorm etc. This update makes the theme compatible with the latest IDEA updates (2021.2)

"Weil jetzt ein solcher Tag ist, ändert man nicht die Politik." (Armin , -Kanzlerkandidat 2021)

"All die Korruption, die Union! Wir lieben unser Land! Es gibt 1000 gute Gründe, auf dieses Land stolz zu sein. Warum fällt uns jetzt auf einmal kein einziger mehr ein?" (Toten Hosen, 1989)

"Für wen macht die CDU Politik?" (Rezo: Zerstörung der CDU, 2019)

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