I really want to throw out this busted box but Fluffers loves it so much.

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Someone replied to my I'm-going-to-play-all-the-games-today post and I can't figure out if they are being mean or not.

We got this jack-in-the-box at the thrift store and showed it to Fluffers and we are the worst. 😂

Good morning! Going to play Minecraft, then some Pokemon Go, then I'll download Untitled Goose Game. Damn I love a good diversion.

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Finally heading home. Giving myself a huge pat on the back because I wrote some code that is going to massively simplify my life. Doing this counts as an extreme act of future self-care. (For those that are curious, the code takes the many orders of an echelle spectrum and stitches it into one spectrum, rebinning it if so desired.)

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TIL there's a board game out called Raccoon Tycoon that is *not* about buying and selling raccoons. #falseadvertising

This showed up when I went looking for a module index on readthedocs. I love ASCII art.

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Dude, look at Jiffy now. NICE. Making cornbread muffins to go with 15 billion bean soup.

True story today: Z and I walk outside and it’s 83° and since were used to horrible heat, we shivered and said “oh my goodness it’s so cold out here”.

Friends get taken aback and weird when I tell them I'm not drinking right now when offered a drink. I'm quick to explain that I since I'm defending in 2 months and working around the clock, I need every single brain cell. All of them. Cannot slaughter even one of them. But it seems ridiculous that I feel the immediate need to soothe them, as in don't worry, we'll get trashed again soon??? Maybe we won't, who cares.

I've noticed that my sleep patterns have changed over the past month. I used to have a really hard time getting out of bed, but now I just roll out. I'm still sleeping the same amount and am curious if giving up the evening glass of wine is responsible.

Working from home but in reality I'm working on the other half of Z's birthday cake.

Good morning. It is 62 degrees outside right now.

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