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If I reach 250 followers, I will issue an official apology for the foreskin toot.

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people leave the fediverse because they are used to producing 'content' for 'an audience' instead of 'havin a laugh' with 'an unruly set of goblins' and frankly, i think that is beautiful.

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I'm so tired that today I thought to myself "I just want to go home and go to bed" while I was at home and in bed.

Guess what I just learned from my procrastination audiobook? (Which I already knew deep down inside but didn't know how to vocalize it.)

Procrastinating is a self-defense mechanism. I associate succeeding with getting more work piled on me as the "reward" (learned behavior from experience) which is why I procrastinate. Mentally I equate succeeding with more work. I'm not sure how to change this, or if I should. We'll see how this unfolds.

I hope the person who designed this label is wildly successful because it is a look.

Y’all. Look at this cute tote bag my friend brought back for me from Australia! 😍

Crisis averted. There is no fire. Except for the fire that burns in my heart for you all.

Fire alarm in the science building! This exciting development has me seeking refuge in the library for the time being. They have heat and hot water in their faucets. I may never leave. Hopefully my building isn't actually full of heat right now. I'll keep you posted. 🔥 🚒

Turns out that is totally what a procrastinator is. I am shook.

New audiobook on procrastinating. I’m not a true procrastinator, but fear of failure holds me back from asking the questions I should ask and starting a task with confidence. Unless that is also what a procrastinator is, then I definitely am one.

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Our #fish, whose name is Mr Fish, loves a bit of spinach. It's his favourite thing in the world. Here is a gallery of a #goldfish eating spinach.

Also considering a on clothes since I’m not a shopper anyway, but this might be tough as I blew out the elbows on my favorite shirt last night when I bent my arms to wash my face.

I want you all to know that your posts are inspiring. I am not going to buy any yarn for the rest of the year, as I have a small yarn shop in my closet already.

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Is there a reason Sue Perkins hasn't been cast as Doctor Who yet? Her affect fits right into the new series. #gbbo

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Hanging out with my girls from college and I love them so much.

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My cat just pawed at the door until I let him into the bathroom with him, sat down, spotted a bug on the wall, attacked and then ate the bug, then walked towards the door. I opened it to let him out. You don't question a killer like that.

I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be productive today I will be

I really like y’alls moving avatars, especially the kitty ones. Imma try that out.

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