Y’all. Look at this cute tote bag my friend brought back for me from Australia! 😍

@franciecashman Left to right: Paddle Pop, Bubble O Bill, Splice, and the coveted Golden Gaytime.

@pelagikat Ahhhh! Are these the names of the treats??? I love it!!! She also brought me back a box of Shapes!

@pelagikat @franciecashman Thank you for performing this solemn civic duty of identifying these iconic frozen treats. I came to do the same but you have beaten me to it. PS: Splices are the best.

@futzle @franciecashman I don't eat dairy so I can't have any of them, but Gaytimes were my favourite back in the day.

@franciecashman A Golden Gaytime (Koala on the right), my favourite Aussie ice cream!

@GwenfarsGarden I just learned how these are beloved treats! Love it even more now!

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