Reading about that beekeeper in Turkey who couldn’t keep the bears out of his hives so he set up a taste test to see which honey the bears preferred. I love the internet.

I mean, look at this bear. He's so happy that beekeeper "gets" him. Like really gets him. Honey is this bear's life.

@bouncinglime @franciecashman until now I didn't even know that there were bears in Turkey, nor that this premium honey existed - hopefully more people buy his honey, then he can continue to live in peace with the bears (already many people in other countries want to try the honey)

@vfrmedia @bouncinglime Me neither! Hopefully this has been wonderful publicity for him and his honey business.

@franciecashman that's like my with donuts or berlin's balls.

@franciecashman ...and then he...? Stopped making that kind of honey?

Oh bother.

@xenotrope @franciecashman Yeah, I was asking myself the same thing. The article isn’t helping. What did the experiment do for him, besides cute videos/PR?

It’s not helping in making his bee hives any more bear save, I guess. So what’s his plan/gain?

@schokopflaster @xenotrope @franciecashman

I think he's already written off the cost of the honey the bears eat, but was curious about how they were getting in.

There are only 3000 bears in Turkey, and they are protected, Its possible the Environment Ministry compensate him for whatever the bears get (and the video helps him prove that they are eating the more expensive honey, rather than any other cheaper kinds he might also be producing at his farm).

@vfrmedia @schokopflaster @xenotrope I think he was also concerned because the bears were destroying the hives to get to the honey. I imagine learning more about the bears preferences will help him situate and protect his hives better.

I think he's being compensated if the bears are officially protected. We have the same policy here concerning Far Eastern leopards. If these kitties eat some farmer's kettle, the losses are compensated. That's so that the farmers wouldn't want to kill rare animals to save their kettle.

@schokopflaster @xenotrope @franciecashman

@franciecashman I love how the beekeeper learned the bears like the most expensive honey the best, and eat it first.

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