"On this day in 2002, Kelly Rowland texted Nelly via Microsoft Excel and got mad bc he didn't text her back."



@franciecashman I'll be honest if I was trying to text someone and Excel kept opening up and I was too tired to realise until I tried to hit send I'd be pissed off at and throwing my phone too


I'm pissed too when ppl don't respond in my spreadsheets

@franciecashman @solder_on *furiously writes a fanfic about kelly Rowland and nelly accidentally meeting online while beta testing shared excel files on an early version of microsoft onedrive. Meanwhile, Bill Gates jealously monitors and intercepts their communications*

@erinbee I should have never doubted Kelly! The kids are alright.

@franciecashman that weird phone is a Nokia Communicator 9300i and it was my best smartphone ever and she used the wrong app.

@polychrome I never came across that phone. It looks similar to a Switch, I had one of those. I'm into this flip open full keyboard!!

@franciecashman the Communicator line was pretty awesome! :blobowo: it kept running until the iPhone showed up and killed it (along with innovation everywhere else 🤷 )

There's a Wikipedia article. The first two used to run DOS!

@polychrome @franciecashman I had one of those, was a great phone! The full keyboard was awesome, it felt like it was from the future.

@seven @franciecashman I like to think of what happened as seeing the future, sprinting toward it, and then accidentally running right past it and now we have to go back :blobcheeky:

@polychrome @franciecashman I would pay good cash for a phone that was similar but upgraded spec wise to be honest.

@seven @franciecashman the only existing thing at this time that's anywhere near the Nokia Communicator is the Android powered Cosmo Communicator from Planet Computer.

Sadly it's not really the same in that it's more of a phone that can turn into a palmtop that needs to be placed on a surface to use right - it's too bulky to be fully handheld like the original Communicators.

@polychrome @franciecashman Yeah, I was excited about that one, but it's not quite the same. Maybe it will inspire more device designs like it though?

@polychrome @franciecashman Kinda sad that every spreadsheet application is now "Microsoft Excel" too (ok, maybe in a couple of years it's going to be "Google something")...
I wasn't actively aware that the early Communicators ran on a GEOS variant, but then I guess Nokia switched to Symbian much later.

@galaxis @polychrome @franciecashman Also, to make everything confusing, when they switched to Symbian, they made a new UI (Series 80) that looked almost exactly like the GEOS-based Communicator UI, rather than using Series 60.

IIRC this meant that there were application compatibility issues. (Until the last Communicator, which ran S60, anyway.)

@bhtooefr @franciecashman @galaxis I was kind of sad that I couldn't run GEOS applications on the S80 but it did support Java which is how I got an IRC client on the thing later.

Also fun: GEOS had a bug that could be exploited to crash into DOS prompt. Mostly useless since you couldn't run non-textual DOS programs but it was fun to play with.

You had to reboot the phone to go back into GEOS.

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