@franciecashman It’s this bizarre microcosm. My advisor is from Bombay, India and she said that Bombay is a treat compared to Columbia. The city slogan is “Famously Hot”, because the city literally has nothing else going for it. And we’re looking to break records this weekend. Send popsicles please, any flavor. Check out the weather channel trolling us. (2/2)

I think I’m going to change my profile pic to the time when we put in that lobster costume.

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Back from walk and even visited Bowman, who is responsible for my ankle injury because he is too handsome. Bowman says hi.

Okay, last post, I need to get stuff done. Behold my the beautiful African violets blooming on my desk!

I am “my kid is taking her AP Calculus BC exam today” years old. I just wanted to keep her home and wrap her in a blanket.
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My brother-in-law just sent me this and I feel so cheated. I feel like I’ve earned a sword.

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I just realized I am Parker Posey from Best in Show with these braces.

I am still laughing at those inside out Thomas the Train socks. Omg if any of you have any sort of character socks I want to see them reversed. I’ll start ...

Dang, Pikachu not as funny. Oh well. I tried my best.

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