Luxcore : I tweaked the engine to only need 1 minute per frame.Using one of my old tricks, only 1 frame on 5 is really rendered.The others are recreated using motion vectors and can be backpropagated via camera mapping, to temporally smooth the denoiser.Suitable for preview only.

I'm testing LuxCore 2.3 since this morning and I think I'll never use Cycles again. The quality of the materials and the light sampling, the numerous AOV available, etc ... all aspects of the engine are far better, for me. The scene contains only one light. Light portals are not required, LuxCore place them automatically through "Visibility Map".

Testing the Blender's "Function Branch" : Particles generating particles, moved by turbulences, falling down after a few seconds then generate another particles, affected by another force fields !

Quite unstable and limited for now, but very promising !

Creating 39 trophies for the "VIP Demoparty" using my 3D printer was really challenging, but it was a great experience. 10 hours was required for each trophy (printing, gluing and painting)

After Godot 3.1, I experiment with Armory3D in Blender 2.8 for demoscene purposes. Dual Quaternion Skinning works well at 60 FPS, but the "Live mode" is quite unstable and recreating the "EEVEE look" is really tricky. It looks promising, though.

This week-end, I co-organized the "VIP Demoparty 2019", but I also submitted an invitation for the "Alchimie 2019" in the Animation category. I won the first place ! Created in 5 days, rendered 90% in Blender/EEVEE and finished during the party.

Adding secondary reflections with the help of a "Reflection Probe".
Really useful to show the roughness of the surface and to pump up the Normal Map a bit !

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Trying to put some elements of my "VIP 2019 Invitation" in Godot 3.1.1, using the GLTF2 exporter from Blender 2.8. It looks promising for realtime stuff !

Need to tweak a few parameters here and there, but I can achieve the same "EEVEE rendering" at 75 FPS !

I can't believe it ! I won the "Animation Compo" at Revision 2019 !

It's hard to come back after 4 days full of discussions, laughs, happiness, technical and artistic chat ... beer, curry wurst, and of course, so many incredible productions !

Thx to the organizers and all people I met ! I love you all !

Dimanche prochain, au "Capitole du Libre", je vous donnerai un cours à la fois théorique et pratique de 11h30 à 12h30, sur le fonctionnement de la photogrammétrie avec MeshRoom. Mon but est de rendre cela compréhensible pour tout le monde. Les non-matheux sont les bienvenus :)


I spent a few hours to optimize the render time without loosing quality, found some bugs ... and also there workarounds to overcome them. :) 3 minutes 12 seconds for rendering 250 images (960x540) with a GTX 1080 (on my laptop).

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Samedi prochain, au "Capitole du Libre", j'aurai le plaisir de vous montrer des trucs sur Blender 2.8 / EEVEE de 15h00 à 16h00, avec entre autres des rendus en temps réel de shaders volumétriques custom sur les smoke datas.


Here is my second submission for Inktober. Topic of the day : #2-Tranquil

This one is scanned with a higher resolution, so you can see more details.

For the first time this year, I try to follow the Inktober. Each day a new drawing about only one word. Here is my submission for the first topic : #1-Poisonous

Testing and tweaking Meshroom / Alice Vision. Looks promising and can retrieve Focal and Distorsion without any EXIF metadatas. Shooted with my great Mi 4K Action Cam and his 3 Axis Stabilization Gimbal. Impressive results for only 220 Euros !

Even if you're not always satisfied with what you draw (like me), don’t stop doing it. Do it for yourself. Drawing is one of the best manners to go out of this world, for a few hours. After many months without any pencil in my hand, this quick session helped me a lot, tonight.

Doodle of the day during my lunch break. Dynamicly generating geometry along particles path, and defining a weight map according the proximity of each particle :


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