A really interesting discussion is happening in this socialhub thread, i highly encourage you to leave your feedback if you care about Prismo future!


Lo que viene a decir @Gargron es que esto es una instancia de mastodon alojada por él, que tiene un código de conducta que puede leerse aquí: mastodon.social/about/more y que hay otras muchas instancias de mastodon en las que es posible darse de alta y con distintos códigos de conducta, como las que figuran aquí: joinmastodon.org/#getting-star

Since there's a lot of new people, here's a primer:

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"One Small Step for the Web…" by Tim Berners-Lee medium.com/@timberners_lee/one

I'm really excited to see what happens next with Solid. Seems pretty easy to run your own Solid server as well.

Instagram and Twitter are not on good terms. You can't see an IG post on twitter, just a link.

Meanwhile in the fediverse projects embrace each other.

Future generations will be proud.

Yesterday, 26th of September was Stanislav Petrov Day.

A day to celebrate that you, me, everyone isn't nuclear vapour right now.
SP - disobeyed orders and military protocol, used his own thinking, and by doing so averted nuclear retaliation based on false alarms that would likely have caused a mass nuclear war in 1983.

Stanislav Petrov, often referred to as "The man who saved the world" died in December 2017

It's hard to describe the feeling of knowing that people are using code that you wrote in their daily lives. It feels like I'm making a positive impact, though a small one, and I love it.

Aún hay cierta controversia cada que un personaje LGBT+ sale en un programa para niños.

Esto es lo que opina Rebecca Sugar al respecto:

I recognize that the novel Ender's Game has some flaws. But I personally find it worth re-reading every so often for one reason: I first read it when I was the characters' age, and it struck me as an accurate description of the internal experience of being a kid.

Whenever I'm tempted to patronize kids, I need to revisit that and remember how deeply kids can think and how serious life can feel, regardless of the age. No one likes being spoken to like a child, even—especially!—if they are one.

@Gargron Ideally it would include some kind of profile page indicating my username and instance for each service I'm using, so that other people can find and follow me comfortably from one place.

Maybe even let them follow me automatically if I change instances or sign up for a new service?

I don't know, does that sound feasible?

Hey, @Gargron. I got a dumb novice question.

Every time I start using a new federated service (Mastodon, Plume, Pixelfed...) I need to create a new identity.

Are there plans for some kind of federated identity service where I can create ONE identity and use that for all the other services?


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