Watch society collapse, through the lens of Merriam-Webster's Time Traveler:

by 1965: remote access.
by 1975: mobile phone, string cheese, kneecapping.
by 1985: boy band, crack house, adware.
by 1995: auto-tune, page view, click-through, anti-spam.
by 2000: K-pop, climate change denial, deep state.
by 2005: selfie, sexting, ransomware, truther, unfriend.
by 2010: Instagram, filter bubble, subtweet, fat-shame, anti-vaxxer.

#linguistics #english

Ik ben weer terug op Na een tijd mijn semi-eigen (betaalde) server te hebben gehad, ben ik weer op deze server. Belangrijkste reden: Minder abonnementen en losse uitgaven. Aangezien ik Mastodon niet heel intensief gebruik vond ik de maandelijkse uitgave, hoe klein ook, de moeite niet meer waard.

het punt wat ik wil maken is dat door een aantal open bouwstenen van het indieweb, mijn site met anderen kan communiceren. Zonder tussenkomst van een derde partij die die reactie of like opslaat, monetariseert (is dat een woord?) of als data-punt opslaat voor een algoritme.

Het kwartje valt met de Indieweb lees/schrijf bouwstenen - Digging the Digital

Heyho followers! You can find me on my new spot: @frank .

This account on will stay alive for a while but will be deprecated and in the end all bits and pixels will be recycled into the fediverse for others to use.

Have fun!

Is it just me or is there really more action here on the Fediverse the last 24 hours? Some toots are heavily boosted and liked (much thanks!) and I see some great convo's.

What's the websub part in the Mastodon instance admin? What would be a usecase? /cc @mdbraber @mastohost

So I got access to my own Mastodon instance-of-one with my own domainname, thanks to @mastobot. Now what do I do? I think
- Turn off registration for others
- Set up texts and disclaimers for the frontend
- Maybe find some nice CSS to make it more my own instance
- Move my followings to the new instance
- But how do I make sure my current followers are up to date of my move? I would say a pinned toot, the moved-here message but maybe something more?

More on the instance-of-one on a later stage.

Tijd om naar Olisto HQ te vertrekken voor koffie met @patrickloonstra. Helaas geen Aeropress...

A great blogpost by @laura why Mastodon is so different yet the same (somehow) as other networks. And why running your own instance might be so easy. Now I want to get my own instance! On to the Cool Domainname Cave!

Can't wait to get my own Quasicrystal from @quasi_crystals here! (see the pinned toot on their profilepage)

More good masto bots:
- @tiny_gardens makes tiny gardents
- @bodega invents situations where tech founders are replacing things shittily
- @publicdomainbooks is great images from old public domain books
- @quasi_crystals is psychedelic animations
- @congressedits is edits to wikipedia that come from US congressional buildings
- @important_things is out of context comments from the show notes of my favorite Idle Thumbs podcast, Important If True
- @nailpolishbot is lovingly rendered nail polish

Ha... The domain is available (as there are many more). Really tempted to make it a Mastodon instance...

I have no idea how many fans are on the Fediverse (Eddieverse?) but here's something for you. Pearl Jam and Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom play Taillights Fade live at Fenway Park. Such a beautiful song from the nineties with so many memories of friends, parties, festivals and nights out.

Medium stopt de ondersteuning van je eigen domein op hun gehuurde land. Hou eigenaarschap van je eigen werk.

What's a good way to get notifications from received webmentions?

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