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Frank ๐Ÿš€

Mr Robot S03E09. Itโ€™s a slow season but I like the pace and turn of events. I think Iโ€™ll watch the whole season again back to back someday.

Early morning here in Utrecht. Today is filled with calls to the IRS for dumb financial stuff, playing games with kids, doing some exercises for my legs and fooling around on more stuff for my own website. But first, breakfast!

Whenever I think that rebuilding the Internet to be decentralised again seems impossible -- that we'd never get most people to care -- I remember that it was nerds who first switched to Firefox (over IE), then to Mac (over Windows), then to Chrome (over choices).

It was nerds who started using ad-blockers, who left MySpace for Twitter. For better or worse people's technology choices are fashion based and sometimes we set the fashions.

Let's make a free and open net the perceived cool outcome.

1. Someone creates a bot to expose neo-Nazi trolls on
2. Twitter suspends the bot, refusing to revive it.

Let's just move to instead.

Time to turn of the InterWebs SuperCyberHighWay and have some great time with my family both outdoors and indoors. First a visit to the local Amelisweerd forest for a walk, then a nice Christmas dinner and presents with my family.

Stay warm,stay foolish.

@Jelv You want to translate to Dutch? I'd be happy to help as well. We might need more (nice) Dutchies here.
Vrolijke Feestdagen! ๐ŸŽ„

I tried to follow @srol from the article on The Outline ( but I got this message in my Firefox. Is there anything I should do to fix this? Report? Change browser? Drink gluhwein? Slap someone with a large trout?

Aaahhh...Christmas! That one time a year where we *really* *really* try to get the kids of their iPads and Youtubes and play some boardgames with us.

Maybe it'll work this year.

This is a great approach to most things, not just technology

I see this a lot with programming languages

If you use something different from someone else, thatโ€™s fine. Disparaging them for using that different thing is not fine. No matter what tools you use, the result of your creativity is what really matters

Just wondering, are there already newer ways to discover and explore interesting users on Mastodon? Or is it still local timelines and tags?

Hej mastodon

I'm writing an article about social media in 2017. I guess some of you have left birbsite for good. If some of you would care to give me short (and quoteable) statement "why" and "why mastodon is better", you'd make a journalist very happy.

Of course anon/pseudoymity is no problem. German prefered, but english is fine, re-toots are appriecated.

What would a distributed, federated network of xmas trees look like? Connected lights? Interchangeable ornaments?

Art Trouvรฉ. Found art. What a great way to describe great pics you find online. This is a London car park in 1963. Or crowdsourced streetart to make a tree. Not quite sure.

Utrecht gets a new central railway station and shopping mall. I drive by every day to get to work and I have to say I am really impressed how it's gonna turn look.

For all you Dutch Mastodonians looking for something to read, here's my weekly Leesmap with 5 links. And some Mariah Carey. because December is almost here.

What are your thoughts on webhosting? I currently host my blog at Github Pages which is quite alright. I've had some experiences with webhosting and VPS, somehow it can get a hassle with those. Hosting at Amazon? What are your ideas?

So hereโ€™s the problem with switching social networks in a nutshell. Where are my friends and why should I be the first one to take the leap?