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I finally took some time to watch Black Mirror again on Netflix.
I choose the episode San Junipero. A lovely story told the right way with some great hidden gems on popculture from the last 30 years. My fav: Max Headroom. Of course.

The podcast Sound Exploder is such a gem in the tech/productivity/news filled podcast directories. Every episode the artist dissects one of their songs down to how they got the inspiration, how they recorded it, what's the story. Such a treat to listen to!

The last couple of days I've been playing around with both Freedomcontroller and River5 ( and

The last one got me on the track of Davereader, a NPM package to use the River of News style feedreader from Dave Winer in any project.

I'm still not a programmer and I'll never be but projects like these always make me happy to know there's more than the defaults.

@Nizzlay @gvenk mja. Ik baal ook van mezelf hoe moeilijk het is om het levend te houden zonder dat het metadiscussies zijn over Mastodon, decentralisatie en instance-regeltjes. Ik blijf er bij, een bookmarklet of Toot This knop gaat echt meer engagement geven.

We released Twitter UI like Mastodon web client πŸ‘

Halcyon for Mastodon

@erwblo hij speelde wel weer zo'n 2 uur dus die concerten zijn niet aan jou besteedt ;-)
Maar het was een mooie mix tussen eigen materiaal en verrassende bewerkingen van Pearl Jam nummers. Samen met het Utrechtse Red Limo String Quartet die nu mee zijn voor de rest van de tour.

@KeaW ah thanks. En ja, de Nederlanders zijn weer stil geworden hier. Inclusief mezelf. Het blijft lastig, een nieuw netwerk om je opbouwen, ondanks de goede bedoelingen.

Looking forward to see Eddie Vedder tonight in Amsterdam. His show last Saturday was very emotional and filled with references to Chris Cornell. I'm wondering what will be the vibe tonight.

Here's the tourposter for tonight, I am glad there are still artists who make magnificent tourposters instead of the default venue-posters or pressphotos with a name/date/venue on it.

And on to the news, our latest release!!
1.4.1 (1.4) is finally live \o/
Some of the goodies?
* DMs are more visible
* Untag yourself from conversations
* Users can mute instances
* Language filters for Local/federated timeline
* Media gallery view on profiles
* new art by @dopatwo

read more here:

@jansegers @Nizzlay hΓ©t probleem met de instanties. Het zijn er zeker een stuk of 5

Fraai staaltje uitzoekwerk nav de knokpartij met Turkse beveiligers vorige week. Wie doet wat. Detailbeelden, meerdere hoeken en extra materiaal gevonden op Facebook. Ik zie een advertentie/kliks gedreven site dit niet snel doen.

@Markies om nog niet te spreken over interactie en engagement....

Monday Meeting of Minds time. What are some interesting Mastodon/GNU-S users worth following? Interests:

@maloki I love what you did the Discobot!! Is this pre-installed on Discourse? I am community admin on our own Discourse forum and I'd love to work with this type of onboarding!

Got a niche about Mastodon that you're really passionate about, but you do not know how to communicate about it with other people in a good collected place?

Fear no more, because I have just the thing for you! On the discourse forum you can get your own category to work in and manage.

The Discourse forum ( seems like it may have become the most appropriate place for Mastodon meta-discussion. I've been on Discord, Riot, IRC, and, but this feels the most "right" so far. Helps that @maloki is so active there!