So I got access to my own Mastodon instance-of-one with my own domainname, thanks to @mastobot. Now what do I do? I think
- Turn off registration for others
- Set up texts and disclaimers for the frontend
- Maybe find some nice CSS to make it more my own instance
- Move my followings to the new instance
- But how do I make sure my current followers are up to date of my move? I would say a pinned toot, the moved-here message but maybe something more?

More on the instance-of-one on a later stage.

@frankmeeuwsen @mastohost ah, thought so :-) Did you take out a personal plan? It would make sense if @mastohost would provide a "move instance" guide (or someone should write one) that explains all those steps as it's quite common nowadays I think!

@mdbraber @mastohost Yeah, maybe I will help him out with that. The least I can do for the fediverse ;-)

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