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@Jelv Oh wauw dat bestaat nog! Cool! @reinier ik gebruik Inoreader dagelijks. Pro-versie.

@autoscatto Mondo2000....what memories. An amazing magazine, way ahead of everything.

Can't wait to get my own Quasicrystal from @quasi_crystals here! (see the pinned toot on their profilepage)

More good masto bots:
- @tiny_gardens makes tiny gardents
- @bodega invents situations where tech founders are replacing things shittily
- @publicdomainbooks is great images from old public domain books
- @quasi_crystals is psychedelic animations
- @congressedits is edits to wikipedia that come from US congressional buildings
- @important_things is out of context comments from the show notes of my favorite Idle Thumbs podcast, Important If True
- @nailpolishbot is lovingly rendered nail polish

Ha... The domain is available (as there are many more). Really tempted to make it a Mastodon instance...

I have no idea how many fans are on the Fediverse (Eddieverse?) but here's something for you. Pearl Jam and Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom play Taillights Fade live at Fenway Park. Such a beautiful song from the nineties with so many memories of friends, parties, festivals and nights out.

@nielsim there's this thing called calendars and reminders? ;-) Works like the best for me. Although our oldest just went to highschool, so she has some days where she has to start later on the day. I forgot and woke her 2 hours too soon. I wasn't the best dad that morning according to her...

Medium stopt de ondersteuning van je eigen domein op hun gehuurde land. Hou eigenaarschap van je eigen werk.

What's a good way to get notifications from received webmentions?

Zo dan. Weer wat commits en deploys gedaan van achterstallig werk aan de website. En meteen wat blogposts geschreven. Meer op

@defries @patrickloonstra Genesis heb ik al (ooit voor Lifehacking gekocht) maar voor de child themes hou ik je in gedachten!

Open question on Keybase: What is the use of following someone there? Is there a lot of chat/community going on there?

@defries @patrickloonstra Ik ontdekte gisteren de kracht van wp-cli om snel een demo-waardige mockup te maken. Goed spul hoor!

@defries @patrickloonstra Dat is het heikele punt... "de juiste kennis". Met daar meteen de opmerking die terug zal komen "alle juiste kennis is te koop". Ja, maar budget is een ding nu. ;-)
Ik zit zelf te kijken naar het Business Pro theme van SP. Waar ik benieuwd naar ben is of deze via widgets of shortcodes pagina's opbouwt. En hoe deze is te tweaken natuurlijk.

@patrickloonstra ik werk vanochtend aan de footermenu’s. Zo koffie en knoophakmoment voor bootstrap template? Wellicht heeft @defries een tip welk Genesis childtheme goed uitbreidbaar is voor onze site?

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