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@paulfree14 @Gargron BTW I'd like to say that our Chinese mastodon community ( is also functioning perfectly and mainly focus on Chinese speaking users, please feel free to register.


I use the Day One app on and off as a private journal. Keeping record of nice photos, moments, but also websites and articles.

Day One has a great "on this day" feature where it gives you entries of this day on previous years. This morning I got a look back on this beautiful art/community project in New Orleans: Before I Die

She covered the crumbling house with chalkboard paint and stenciled it with the prompt, “Before I die I want to _____.”

dead simple idea: just have new users follow the local instance admins, ala facebook/myspace/tumblr's early onboarding strategies

it's not perfect, but it's better then looking at an empty timeline

Wrote some Dutch words on the new update of Mastodon. Most excited about embeds. Mostly because I don't understand the technical part of the rest of it...

I recently wrote down some thoughts if and how an algorithm could predict a setlist for a concert. I'd love to hear your thoughts! (And claps...)

In response to twitter's brand guidelines: mastodon's elephant friend is in fact an elephant (fluffy), and also a friend. you can draw him with other elephants, he likes company

On this whole Google Anti-Diversity Manifesto that was written... Motherboard reports it "was shared on a company mailing list" even Google still has internal mailing lists. I assume it's e-mail. Not on paper ;-)
There's still hope for e-mail!

Getting ready for work after a 3 week holiday. Lots of cool stuff coming up at Triggi. New devices added, new services supported, new features featured.
Oh and some new designs designed. And copy copied. Maybe even part of a new site coded.
But first, coffee.

Free drink for mastedonians at #sha2017 find me at sha, show me your already existing #mastodon account and I'll get you a drink when not on duty. See if I go bankrupt :)

Getting ready for a holiday with the family. Off to Italy for some much needed downtime. Preparation with kids age 5 and 10 is always a bit stressfull but we're getting there.

1993: on the internet nobody knows you're a dog
2017: the NSA is confused and concerned by your continued very public claims of being a dog

DRM is a huge threat agains your security and freedom. Now it seems like it'll become a webstandard from W3C. Madness!

Want to know why it's terrible? Listen or read this:

Want to help me spread knowledge? Help me with the wiki:

"I would like to change the world, but they won't give me the source code..."

@frankmeeuwsen 3. Most software was intended to be primarily used by professionals. Who are mostly paid by the hour. Shorter daily use is better. Now it is often private users, who are "paying" by leaving data traces. Longer daily use is better.
4. RSS was machine friendly. Which is a strength. But it is also a weakness. Because one has to understand it and needs some abilities. Most users don't know what a URI is. Also a vast part of internet users can't copy paste.

@frankmeeuwsen 1. these topic rigor rules come from academia. Most people don't and can't communicate like that. Back in the day, almost everyone accessing the internet went or was going to uni. This is not the case anymore.
2. The clear single interface came with the idea that you install a client and configure it. So you either need to be able to do that or have an assistant who does it for you. Most people can't and have not. And even if, it is labour.

"We should go back to the days of RSS, IRC and Newsgroups to make the web less noisy again"

Any thoughts? I kinda feel for the ole technology of yore but that's more some nostalgic waxing. I do regret RSS not taking off they way it could. The startingpoint was way to technological instead of userfriendly. IRC was my first Twitter. Newsgroups were great to find the depths of knowledge and likeminded people all across the globe.

Vlak voor de vakantie nog even de auto naar de garage brengen. Het valt altijd weer tegen qua kosten. Maar toch liever dat het nu goed gefixt wordt dan straks in Toscaanse bergen langs de weg staan met jengelende kids.

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