I get it. A lot of writers live in New York and don't know better.

But seriously, that's not a distinct barbecue, that's just shitty Texas barbecue.

Anyway, let's talk about the important thing? That dang article about "Brooklyn Barbecue."

Hey Mastodon? Thanks for not talking about the Oscars.

I mean, you're not talking about much, but y'know, silver linings.

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The comic I'm collaborating on with my good friend ING is finally nearing launch, and here is a teaser for you all.


Everyone on tootsite have a good Thanksgiving? I mean, if you celebrate Thanksgiving honestly. Otherwise I hope you had a good Thursday.

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Last night I dreamed I was living in a house with no roof and it was raining. I interpret this as my brain telling me that roofs on houses is a good idea

Listen, Mastodon can try to call it "boosting" all they want, but it'll always be a re-toot.

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I made a video! It's a parody of all those "try to sound smart over clips of a movie trailer" videos! youtube.com/watch?v=Ijcrfkno-6

Hey everyone, @JeffParker is here, and he don't have his fancy blue checkmark for protection anymore.

I mean, the Spice Girls were huge in America, I can only imagine it was even moreso in Britain.

I still think that the Harry Potter series should have leaned more into the fact that this was all taking place in the 90s. Which Weasley children would have listened to Oasis and which ones would have listened to Blur? How did no one in the final book not comment on the murder of Biggie Smalls?

Just mastin' away today here on Mastadon. Just tootin' up a storm.

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Howdy to all my Twitter pals setting up a second home on Mastodon. Here is your fursuit and a copy of Das Kapital

Oh hey it's the monthly "Twitter is really bad, let me go check on Mastodon" time.

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Everyone on Twitter seems mad at each other so I'm swinging by Mastodon. Hi

Not gonna lie. I like being able to come here and not seeing a word about Taylor Swift.

Y'know, I'll give this place that thus far people haven't started up the tradition of retooting and mocking idiots who I otherwise would have never heard of.

Did we ever do Jaeger names here? 'Cause "ARMADILLO GRANDSTAND" for a Texas-based jaeger is still a good idea.

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