@paul Short answer is, these days yes.

Longer answer is: well if you don't count nvidia driver, and whatever proprietary items are in the camera/default camera app of the android phone. Generally if I can replace something with an open source alternative without losing out of substantial quality, I will stick to it.

I use Darktable mostly to edit, occasionally Gimp / Krita.

@eylul I admire that! Wish I could say the same but I could never bring myself to replace DaVinci Resolve and other closed-source tools 🙃

It doesn't have to be a binary thing. Try a program out, integrate it to your workflow. Many illustrators here use Krita for example, without necessarily working toward having a full workflow that involves open sourced software. :) Many of these programs are really good, and worth a try and sometimes are better than the commercial alternatives. :)

@eylul absolutely true but I feel like the film industry does not have that much great open source software 😶 There is MagicLantern of course and it is absolutely amazing at what it does but I would always choose a real cinema camera over some open source DSLR extension. Hopeful @apertus will change some of that!

@paul by the way, in terms of open sourced software in video/filmmaking specifically @frd who is co-founder of @gunga is a good resource...


Hi @paul, let me know if you need anything regarding migrating to a video making workflow.

Cheers @eylul ;)

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@frd @eylul do you have a link where I can read about what it is? :)

@paul @frd #FLOSS is short for Free/libre open-source software.

@paul @eylul Nothing special out of the ordinary really, I usually work mostly with FullHD and casually with 4K footage. I convert it all to low res proxies in Kdenlive and edit normally. For titling, when doing some animated stuff I use Blender, if not I do it in Kdenlive titler or use artwork created in GIMP (PNG) or Inkscape (SVG). If I need to do some more tricky audio corrections I use Audacity.

@frd @eylul thanks will have a look at Kdenlive although I don’t see myself switching from Resolve Studio and sometimes Premiere that soon 😶

@paul @eylul yeah, once your used to a tool it is tough to switch. also kdenlive doesn't do color correction like resolve. :)

@frd @eylul absolutely and I love being able to edit 4K ProRes and 2.5K Raw without proxies!

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