Wow! 's engine is robust.

"we generate 25 millions of videos with melt each year since 2015."

Proof of how framework is production ready and tested.

Amazing work by Dan Dennedy and team!

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@frd Quantity does not equal quality. The sole number of videos proves nothing and is absolutely meaningless. My experience with Kdenlive (and by extension MLT to some extent) has been riddled with problems and issues corrupting my work and has been making me want to pull my hair out many, many times over.

@unfa 25 million doesn't mean anything to you?

Look, sorry for your frustration, it must really suck. I guess all that I can say really is to not use it anymore. There are many great projects like Openshot, Shotcut, Flowblade, Olive, Pitivi, Cinelerra(s), Blender VSE and maybe someday Lumiera. I personally will stick to Kdenlive.

I do hope you understand that this is a community project and the people involved do the best they can on their free time. (Like many free software projects.)


@frd Hey, sorry. I've hard some really hard times with Kdenlive. I'm probably not the best person to appreciate it. It is a very widely known program, and it *can* do a lot of things (even some rudimentary motion tracking), but as I went deep I've realized how messy it all is, and when a project grows complex with compositing, animation and other aspects - things start bursting along the seams. I'll end here, I've been ranting about it way too much already. Take care!

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