The first beta release of 's refactoring branch is out! Go test it!

Also tonight we have out monthly Café. See you there.

@frd does "refactoring" mean something specific in the versioning world or does it just mean the software has been reworked from the ground up ?

@ChameleonScales It has been rewritten. Initially it started with just the timeline and now the refactoring has touched practically every aspect of Kdenlive. This is huge because it will give the ability to add new features in a clean manner and bug fixing will be extremely easier to deal with.

@frd that's super exciting. Does it mean 18.0 will also be more stable (I'm thinking particularly of chrashes in the middle of your work) ?

@ChameleonScales Hmmm, Its been ages since it doesn't crash on me. What I need most now is fix some bugs and new features to improve the workflow. But we are working on making 18.08 super stable, thats why we've pushed the release dates twice or three times already.

@ChameleonScales The crashes you are experiencing, how do they happen? Can you reproduce any?

@frd I'm not talking for myself. I haven't used KDEnlive since version 12.x.
However I'm still hearing from people ditching KDEnlive (e.g someone at the Blender Institute) for that reason.

@ChameleonScales Please ask this person to contact me so we can help to fix their issue. Many crashes or bugs might happen due to incompatible MLT versions as well.

Also would like to hear from that person if they have any ideas to better integrate Kdenlve and Blender. Note that next month we will have a coding sprint, so this is year is promising many positive stuff for libre video editing.

@frd unfortunately I doubt he's willing to take time on it. He said he just went back to editing with Blender (which is rock stable and a very good video editor already).
But I'll ask him anyway

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