Yes, after a month of work, I finally managed to merge the #avif / #heif branch!

It has full color profile support and everything! This was an insane amount of work, especially research and I felt I was going mad at some points.

Krita's appimages and other binaries will be building libheif with #rav1e and #dav1d, which means that mere mortals will be able to save avif without needing a fancy computer at cost of a little quality.

#krita #av1

@salut Montage avec Kdenlive. Blender pour le motion graphics.

Calling all Inkscape artists!

You're invited to enter our traditional About Screen Contest for the upcoming Inkscape version 1.1!

Find all information about how to join the drawing contest at

We're looking forward to seeing your art!

#inkscape #contest #drawing #ArtWithOpenSource

Mixxx faces big challenges moving to Qt6. Maybe someone skilled with graphics programming and Qt can give us some advice?

Oh, by the way (about the production report video I shared previously today), the video editing with #kdenlive 20.12.1appimage on Kubuntu 20.04 was a really cool experience 👍 Bravo to the team. I really love the new subtitle editor.

@m @franklinlopez Yeah, I am part of the team and have been using exclusively FLOSS tools since 2006. Let me know if you need any help to get you started.

Do check out the work of @antimidia

Hi @luka, what version are you using? There were some memleak fixes in the latest 20.12. Also when working with higher resolutions try using proxies (in case you haven't already).

Do share your video. 🤩

@GuerillaOntologist Today 20.12 was released, worth checking it out. Do note that every month there is a new release and it is recommended to always upgrade.

#Kdenlive 20.12 is out with nifty new features like same track transitions, subtitling tool, performance improvements, an overhauled effects layout and the usual batch of bug fixes and usability improvements.

This is a shorter-than-usual week recap: new releases of Krita and Shotcut, new features in Siril, Blender, Olive, some interesting ongoing development in darktable (will land to dev branch after v3.4 release and after some heavy modification, apparently).

Featured artwork by Seefat

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